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13 month struggle

by Mel11 Mel11 Member

In April of 2008 (right before my wedding and grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer) I sat for the NCLEX for the first time. I didn't realize with I was getting into and failed it in 102 questions. I decided to lie to everyone and say I hadn't taken it yet, that I was waiting till after the wedding (I was too embaressed to face the truth). In July of 2008 I sat again, I was married and my grandfather had passsed away in June. The much larger problem was that I hadn't changed my study habits and I failed in 75 questions this time. I felt like a two time loser that was getting no where fast. I took a leave of absence from school, moved and took a job I hated to make ends meet and started studying all over again.

Finally something changed. Someone recommended that I go to a professor and have her help me. After two months of working with an individualized plan with her (basically just study from a book, do questions, study from a book, do questions, etc) I took the test yesterday and found out I passed it today. Now I don't feel like a two time loser, I feel like a one time winner, and a registered nurse. So everyone out there keep your head up.:loveya:



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Like everyone else said congrats! i too have had a struggle....loooonnnnggg story but i grad in aug 08 and am gonna take it end of may i took it in oct first time and bombed but it let me go all the 200some ??s it was horrid i never told ppl that i took it only very few know bc it makes me soo embarrassed im terrified bc its been so long not to mention that i ....ook ill stop this is about u and ur GREAT accomplishments!! through all those hardships when it rains it pours. most would give up but you are truly dedicated and it shows that u will make a great nurse!:yeah:

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