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1 month and 7 days left..


I'm going to read hurst pathophysiology and hurstreview handouts. 3 weeks before the test i will start answering more q and a and memorize the stuff that i need to memorize. Good luck!!

I cant tell if I'm already ready or not.. but kinda excited to take the test now. I want to know how hard is the exam. If I fail I'm just gonna move on. Its not the end of my career.

Looking at signs and symptoms of different diseases always help such as diabetes, signs of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Pheochromocytoma, Meningitis, Scleroderma but not limited to these...basically all of the diseases, because you never know which one is going to end up being on the test.

Memorizing infection control mneumonics always helps as well.....

I think focusing on the test and not being anxious also helps.... :)

Thanks for the advice, yup, Im just gonna focus on dse/disorder , s/sx then intervention. I think that is all I need for the exam. I'm not really nervous or worry about the exam. Probably because I'm already used to in this kind of exam. In my school we have to pass 2 exams in order to graduate and allowed to take the take.

Nice outlook in life. Never be afraid to fail in life. Prepare for everything. Goodluck on your test!

May I know what books you are using on your review? Thanks a lot!