Monterey Area Job Market?


Can any of you nice folks from the Monterey Peninsula give me some idea of what the job market is like there for RN's? I'm coming up on a year of acute-care med-surg experience in Texas. I used to live in Pacific Grove and have been dying to get back to the area. Just want to know what my chances are of finding work, preferably a staff position in Monterey or Salinas.

Any info, tips, suggestions are most appreciated!


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When I lived there the job market was dismal. That is why I had to leave. I've seen no evidence to prove that the job market has ever changed for the better. Because I love the area, I plan to move back when I become independently wealthy again.


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Well, that's a drag.


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I think there is genuine need for nurses in the area and I do see several openings but they are often per-diem. There seems to be better opportunities as a travel nurse. I don't understand why those positions seem easier to obtain.


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I had a phone interview for an L&D job. Hoping to hear if I get the next interview. Fingers crossed!! Just received all my info to start the CA license process but from reading the other posts, it seems rather daunting....