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Molloy College BSN Spring 2021


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dianah, ADN

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Hello all,

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15 hours ago, Jenn11 said:


I don’t think we can until we speak to our advisor. So I think they should be emailing us this week hopefully! 

On 10/16/2020 at 4:42 PM, Mizcilla said:

I used the mometrix book and purchased the practice exams from ATI’s website. Molloy only looks at your reading and math and needs to be over a certain % (reading over 76 I believe and math over 80). Math I checked out BCraftmath on Youtube and scored a 92.3 with his videos. Reading I did well from mometrix book and Pocketprep app.

Hi! I stumbled across your post today after I took my TEAS (already applied to Molloy for Fall 2021) and I earned a 78.7 on reading and a 100 on math. Were you told by an admissions counselor that the minimum for reading is a 76? I can’t seem to find anything about score requirements online. I am just asking because I scored 1 question below an 80% and I really would hate to have to retake the TEAS because of ONE question! Especially considering I did very well on the math section. 

Are we supposed to indicate ourselves as transfer on the application if we graduated from a university already? And do we need to submit our transcript somehwere?

I am a bit confused on the registering process...does everyone accepted have to take an entry math/reading exam?


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I recommend Chamberlain over Molloy. Molloy was my #1 choice but I will finish faster at Chamberlain. It’s a 3 yr program but If you transfer in everything like I am you can finish in 2 years 4 months with a low load of only one and occasionally two classes per session. I’m saving 50k taking the Gen ED’s at Sophia.org, sciences at Portage Learning and Chemistry and a couple other Gen ED’s at study.com. So I will pay about 42k total for the 2 years. They are flexible with transfer credits. You can pick your clinical day. Molloy is a great school but I couldn’t get passed the fact that with my LPN license I would be alongside freshman marketed as a mobility program.