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Hi, has anyone else applied to the Fall 14 RPN program? I'm nervous and am hoping that I get an acceptance early on.

I had a friend who got a late acceptance near the end of July last year.

What are your marks?

What are your HOAE marks?

Do you have any education besides high school?

Have you applied to other schools? Which ones?

I applied as well. The waiting is horrible. My grades are about an 89 average and HOAE was about 85. How about you?

I have also applied for the September 2014 session. The waiting game is not fun!

I've applied to Seneca & Sheridan, as well, but Mohawk is my first choice.

I'm not sure what my HOAE marks were. Does anyone know how I can go about checking those?

Good luck!

Hello Wingsup,

Where did you find your HOAE results?

Good luck!

I took the Hoae at Mohawk and my results were listed on MocMotion under Test Results on the applicant tab. Good luck to you as well - hopefully acceptances will be soon.

Thank you, Wingsup!

I really regret taking the HOAE test at Sheridan. I just read that they do not release the test results until all acceptances are finalized. That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I took the test at that location simply because it is currently closest to me.

I hope so, too!

Ours said they wouldn't be released after as well but they were on there so you may want to check Sherdian's internal applicant site just in case :)


I also applied to Mohawk for september 2014 and the january 2015. I got in last year but I couldn't go because my boss wouldn't let me drop to part time. Last year they released the acceptances on march 12th but this year they seem to be running behind. LOL get used to that guys! FYI do not go to fennel campus for any questions they will just send you to McMaster IAHS because they don't have a clue, also don't bother with your "academic advisor" because he also doesn't have a clue. I would suggest that if you want anything answered get in touch with **** she's amazing and can tell you anything that you want to know. Have fun with the scramble this summer and try to keep your head. Also your book list drops 1 week before school starts and you don't get told your supply list until your orientation day as well as where your placement will be so don't bother asking because all you will be told is "you'll get that information at your orientation".

Remember nothing will go exactly as planned so just roll with it! Hope to see you guys in Septmeber!


Since I see you applied for Sept. and Jan. if I don't get accepted for Sept. do I have to apply for Jan 2015? What if I'm wait listed for Sept.?


If you didn't put the Jan 2015 on your application then you will have to apply for that, you're not automatically considered. I believe the cut off for that is in either May of June (you can check on the Mohawk website). If you are waitlisted it simply means that if someone chooses to drop out or go to a different school then you may be made an offer. The deadline to accept an offer is usually in May. Not many people give up their spot so if you are waitlisted I would suggest that you apply to the Jan 2015 asap, remember you can always decline an offer but if the deadline to apply has past you will miss out.

Thank you! Not sure why they didn't occur to me.

Hi guys, did anyone get acceptance for Mohawk college for fall 2014?

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