Taking pre-reqs for accelerated nursing program

  1. I am considering applying for accelerated program for BSN, and need to take pre-requistes this year, before program start in May 2010. I registered for Chem and Anatomy and Physiology 1, at STLCC Flo-Val for this summer. I wonder if takin these classes in the same semester too tough? I always received good grades in high school and college, but I haven't took Chem and Biology since high school. I graduated from college last year, and I always studied intensely. I just need tips and suggestions, especially if you took those classes at STLCC.
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  3. by   nolimitam
    Taking all three might be tough but it just depends on you and the amount of study time you need to invest. I took Chemistry and Physiology at the same time and did fine. I had only had one semester of chemistry in high school and that was 20 years ago. I am now about to start an ABSN program in June. If you already have a nack for Chemistry then I think that you will be okay taking all three. I probably could have handled all three at the same time, but I am glad that I just took those two because I had to really work at Chemistry.
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    I hadn't EVERY had a chem class (that I recall) and it'd been 20+ years since I graduated from high school when I took these same courses. I also avoided sciences like the plague once I out of high school and during my college years. I got a "B" in both courses (taking them one at at time) while working full-time and having 3 kids and 2 grandkids. If you're study habits are good, you can prioritize well, and don't have a lot of other distractions in your life, you will probably be fine! Good luck!!
  5. by   STL-RN Student
    summer courses are accelerated & having 2 sciences courses is doable,but will be difficult...have you considered taking chem over the summer, a&p 1 in fall & a&p II in the spring? you'll still be able to apply for a program that begins in May 2010
  6. by   ree1986
    You are right, I should just take one. I spoken with UMSL advisor, and she recommend that I take A and P 1 in the summer, and A & P 2 in the fall, although in either fall or spring I still have to take chem and microbio, but it should be easier with it spread over 4 months instead of 8 weeks. So I just dropped Chemistry, and will take it either in fall or spring, this way I can ease back into taking classes this summer, and I will not have to stress out.
  7. by   kymi3982
    I think it just depends on how much time you are willing to put into studying. I just finished taking both Chem and A&P this semester(not at umsl) and ended up with B's in both. So it is doable but also time consuming. just my
  8. by   STL-RN Student
    It's definitely doable!! You know best what your strengths are. If science is a subject that's easy to grasp & you're a good test taker...multi-task & take them together!! Good luck
  9. by   iburnlegs
    I found Chemistry to be a foundation for Physiology. I would recommend taking Chemistry before Physio and Micro as it helped quite a bit. I think Chem goes well with Anatomy or the first sequence of A & P. It is doable. My one regret is that I didn't cram in more classes to apply to nursing school sooner.