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  1. Is there anyone else possibly attending St Charles Community College in the fall for Nursing? If so what all have you heard about the program and etc? Or is there anyone that has completed the program and has a few things to say? Any help would be great! I applied last year so I'm pretty sure I'm getting in. Any help would be great!
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  3. by   Futurenurse521
    Hey! I'm actually thinking about going there! I have to attend the RN info session first, how is the admissions process? I see that you need the Hesi test, passing with a B in anatomy 1 & a 2.8 gpa, now do u have to do all of this BEFORE you apply? Do they accept for spring and fall? How long ago did u apply? Because if I need all of these requirements done BEFORE I can apply, I have the gpa & I have a C in anatomy which I have no problem retaking..I just haven't done the hesi and I can't retake the class until the I probably won't be starting this fall, were u put on a waiting list? Did u have to take the dosage calculation test? Sorry for all the questions. I've just been denied many nursing programs and I'm hoping this works out for me.
  4. by   Mlsmith4
    Yes all of those requirements do have to be met before you apply. The admissions process was pretty easy and the counselors were SOOOO helpful. I have a prior degree so i already had all of my non nursing classes done. I applied in November and they were still accepting applications for Fall then, but anyone that applies now will be wait listed until the following Fall semester as they only have a Fall cohort. Acceptance is on a first come first serve basis so I definitely got in ��. There was no dosage calculation test but the Hesi is required which is pretty easy if you are even somewhat knowledgeable. If I forgot anything please let me know! The RN info session will cover everything in depth.
  5. by   echohills79
    Does this program have an option for Part time students? or full time only?
  6. by   Mlsmith4
    I think it's full time only unless you have most to all of your prerequisites done. For example when I start in August I will only be taking the actually core nursing class which is 9 credit hours which is considered part time since I already have the prerequisites done.
  7. by   kbaum91
    So the waitlist for fall 2017 is full? Do you know how many people they wait list? They told me I can come in and theyll look and see if any spots have opened up for fall 2017, i'm just wondering how realistic that is...
  8. by   Mlsmith4
    I'm pretty sure it is. The first 70 people to apply will get in and the rest will be waitlisted. Supposedly they send out letters in early March letting you know where you stand. When did you apply?
  9. by   kbaum91
    I actually still have to go in and meet with an advisor and take the HESI exam. Would you recommend studying? I'm in my 3rd anatomy class now, and already hold a bachelors degree. My brother is actually in the program now, finishing up his first year, and the application has already changed since he got in! Crazy! At least I know I'll be in for next fall. I'll let you know what they say about the wait list when I get in and ask..
  10. by   Mlsmith4
    What does he think of the program? The only thing that I can recommend studying is the actual Elseiver book. It's pretty good.
  11. by   kbaum91
    He likes it. He's in class about 20 hours a week, including 2 full days of clinicals. so, not that much class time, cause clinicals are like 8 hours each th/fr. he says hes surprised at how much work it is, since it's a CC and he already has a degree from a university he was expecting it to be easier. they started with like 70 people, and are down to like HALF of that. people keep failing out!
  12. by   Mlsmith4
    Oh wow, I have a prior degree too. It's crazy that that many people have dropped. It makes me nervous
  13. by   kbaum91
    I'm sure you'll do great I think that many people have dropped because honestly, it's not hard to get in. all you have to do basically is get a B in I don't think a lot of people are prepared for how rigorous nursing school is! I'm sure i'll be back asking you what you think of it when you start!! I'm jealous I wasn't on the ball and can't start this fall!! good luck!
  14. by   Mlsmith4
    Thank you so much! I hope so. I can deal with hard work, I just hope the instructors are adequate with their delivery. I can't deal with a bad instructor lol