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Hello All, I currently in LPN school in Illinois and looking for a LPN to Assoc. RN program. I am greatly considering Sanford Brown in St. Peters, Missouri. I had an interview with them and the... Read More

  1. by   BeccaznRN
    Quote from NEWATTHIS
    can anyone tellme the pice SBC tution?????????????????????????
    Very expensive.
  2. by   RJ---RN
    Danger. warning Will Robinson! You may have great difficulty articulating to a BSN program as a SBC grad. I taught there for a short time, most of the grads could only transfer maybe 7 credits to a BSN program whereas a fully accredited program may let you transfer all 60 hours.
    Do your research carefully.
  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    And I'm not sure where the "100% pass rate" numbers came from, but in checking the MO pass rates, it doesn't look like that's quite accurate...their scores are decent, but definitely not 100%:
  4. by   dbacon0328
    I know I'm late!!! But I saw this and had to reply. I am an SBC grad and will take my boards soon. I've heard bad things about all nursing programs and I think it's really inaccurate of people to call out on one. I worked just as hard to pass and will do the same to pass the same boards that other graduates will take. I don't think its fair and I think that it is discrimination against SBC nurses. It's the same NCLEX examination for everyone. Also, you can find a school that will accept you. It's up to you to do the research. Everyone is doing online these days so who is to say that all education is "quality" education. Please think before you speak.
  5. by   RJ---RN
    You are right, you are taking same NCLEX. However, it is not accredited by North Central, only ACICS, which is an accreditation that is purchased by the college. If you areticulate to a BSN program, they will probably only credit you 1/4 credit for each credit hour obtained at SBC.

    The quality of your education depends upon the quality of your instructors. I don't fault them at all, they work hard to provide you with a quality education. It is the OWNERSHIP of the school and their greedy/ shady admission practices that are questionable.

    I know what I speak about. I taught at SBC for 5 years. I loved my students,we had a high NCLEX pass rate, but I also grieved for them when they tried to go forward for a BSN.
    Several of the SBC graduates attempted to get into a BSN program.
    While they graduated with the required 60 hours for an associate degree, because it is not accredited, the BSN schools will only recognize and give credit for 15 hours. The rest (over and above required 128 hours for BSN completion) had to be made up in electives, costing time and money.
    Do the math and figure it out as well.
    Do not condemn critisize what you don't know and cannot speak about with some degree of knowledge about the system.

    I wish you well as you go forward in your nursing career.
  6. by   buddiage
    I think the majority of this board would agree that a great deal of nursing is learned after you graduate. I've met a SB nurse in OB, she seemed just fine to me. With that said, if there is any desire to change careers, get a BSN, then you have to start all over again.
  7. by   dbacon0328
    Well SBC now has a BSN program and I begin tomorrow. I have already spoken to several schools that are willing to accept SBC. Belive me, I WOULD NOT have gone if I I didnt do the research. Chamberlain was more than willing to accept me and so was Webster. They are looking at the RN (the fact that you passed the NCLEX and have an unrestricted nursing license) to give you credits. Its called articulation process. IT was made to help with the shortage of qualified professors in nursing. I do know what I'm talking about. And I will show anyone doubting how far I will get by having that MSN behind my name in 3 years or less. I do agree that they need higher standards for acceptance into the program. Some of the students were not academically ready for such an accelerated program. Also some of the students did not have the experience or knowledge of acute care. By the way CHamberlain costs more than SBC. I looked it up. THe program works great for those of us trying to increase our knowledge without having to go over the basics all over again. It was good for me and I am ready for boards, believe me. And MOST of the instructors were excellent and the director was more than helpful. :grad:
  8. by   RJ---RN
    Yes, they will accept you, but will they credit you for ALL the hours your earned? Example: If you graduate with Asso. Degree from fully accredited college, they should accept much if not all of your earned credits. It has been my experience that BSN programs will credit you with 1/4 of each credit hour. It is still possible to get your BSN - no problem. It just takes longer as you have many more hours to fullfill the 128 degree completion requirement.
    For your sake, I hope the college accepts your fully earned hours.
    Good luck.
  9. by   Angela.RN2B
    run!!! the school is a degree mill. i know too many who have been there and wish they hadn't.
  10. by   dbacon0328
    thank u
  11. by   RJ---RN
    To AngelaRN2B. Bless your heart. You said it soooooo well. I could not ethically remain an instructor there when I saw what was happening and how innocent students were getting ripped off. It is so very important to go to a fully accredited college.
    TO ALL PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Make sure the college you select is accredited by NORTH CENTRAL ACCREDITATION.
  12. by   autumn_twilight
    To the OP: I believe St. Charles Comm College also has an LPN-RN bridge, since you mentioned Sanford Brown in St. Peters specifically. Check out It'll probably cost you less than two grand total.

    And in regards to Sanford Brown...I just dont understand why someone would want to pay $50,000 (i believe that's the quoted price, I may be wrong) for an ADN when I can get it for less than $10,000 at the community college. And even through SB may transfer to some universities, even if you get the full amount of credits, the two mentioned are private schools and much more expensive than if I went to get my BSN at, say, UMSL. $50,000 over 2 years would be my entire salary if I worked full time for those two years and THEN some. THAT is why I don't think SB is worthwhile, although their limited accreditation doesn't help them.
  13. by   Angela.RN2B
    I know it is soo sad. They take full advantage of people. You can go to a Community college for a ADN get a job at a great place such as St.Johns Mercy and work full time and they will pay the bills for you to get your BSN and maybe even your MSN if you wish. You have to make smart educated choices. It may take a little longer but nothing worth while comes fast and easy.