Phone interview Thursday for Trauma unit Student nurse position

  1. I have a phone interview this Thursday for SSM SLU hospital. I was wondering what kind of questions they may ask for a student nurse technician position. This is what I want to end up in and work in the ICU eventually as an acute care nurse practitioner so this is definitely important to me! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   tflo4474
    Hello, Dani 2018, You will be fine. I work there as a student nurse and the interview was so laid back. I am not sure who your recruiter is, but mine was really nice. I suggest you know exactly what you want and sell yourself. I will let you know that you will have a peer interview during the face to face. The trauma unit is cool, I have been floated there a few times. Is it for days or nights? Don't over think it, just find a way to stand out. You are taking this position as a stepping stone, so think like a nurse and when you get the position learn all you can at this level because it just helps you to be a well rounded nurse. Good luck let me know how it goes!!
  4. by   Dani_2018
    Thank you! My recruiter is Karina mueller/ whitacre. I am just trying to find ways that I stand out lol. I know that sounds ridiculous but I have no experience as a nurse but I have shadowed in icu's before and the feel of it everything I sent even when the patient coded it was amazing how confident and level headed everyone was. I want to learn everything I can to be that way and knowledgeable l. How do you like it there?
  5. by   tflo4474
    I met Karina before she is really nice. You will be asked why you want to work at SLUH, where do you see yourself in 5 yrs and a few other questions I can't remember. OF course you have no exp as a nurse you are in nursing school and they know this and won't hold it against you. To be honest its a plus.
    I had no exp in the hospital or patient care environment other than clinicals and I just talked about where I am headed. Talk about your shadow experience and why you want to be a nurse.
    I really like working there I pray when Im done with school next June that I can be a nurse on my floor- HEM/OC. I want to be an oncology nurse, so for me to be a student nurse on this floor is great. I have learned so much in the past 5 months that I can say has helped me understand some class work even better. The only thing I wish for our positions was that we were a little more hands on with a nurse. But if you work nights you can pick the nurses brain a little better than days. What school do you attend?
  6. by   Dani_2018
    I am currently at Saint Charles community I graduate next year with my rn then I start my bachelors right after either SIUE or CMU . Trying to keep things affordable . What about you?
  7. by   beckyboo1
    When I worked for an SSM hospital, they partnered with SIUE for nurses wanting a BSN. Be sure to ask about it.
  8. by   Dani_2018
    Alright I got the job!!!!!!
  9. by   tflo4474
    Congrats!!! what floor will you be on?
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  10. by   Dani_2018
    I will be working on the trauma surgical unit