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  1. Congrats!!! what floor will you be on?
  2. I met Karina before she is really nice. You will be asked why you want to work at SLUH, where do you see yourself in 5 yrs and a few other questions I can't remember. OF course you have no exp as a nurse you are in nursing school and they know this and won't hold it against you. To be honest its a plus. I had no exp in the hospital or patient care environment other than clinicals and I just talked about where I am headed. Talk about your shadow experience and why you want to be a nurse. I really like working there I pray when Im done with school next June that I can be a nurse on my floor- HEM/OC. I want to be an oncology nurse, so for me to be a student nurse on this floor is great. I have learned so much in the past 5 months that I can say has helped me understand some class work even better. The only thing I wish for our positions was that we were a little more hands on with a nurse. But if you work nights you can pick the nurses brain a little better than days. What school do you attend?
  3. Hello, Dani 2018, You will be fine. I work there as a student nurse and the interview was so laid back. I am not sure who your recruiter is, but mine was really nice. I suggest you know exactly what you want and sell yourself. I will let you know that you will have a peer interview during the face to face. The trauma unit is cool, I have been floated there a few times. Is it for days or nights? Don't over think it, just find a way to stand out. You are taking this position as a stepping stone, so think like a nurse and when you get the position learn all you can at this level because it just helps you to be a well rounded nurse. Good luck let me know how it goes!!
  4. tflo4474

    just took Hesi A2 for Chamberlain College of Nursin

    Relax, you will be fine. Believe in yourself and claim it!! what campus will you be applying to?
  5. tflo4474

    just took Hesi A2 for Chamberlain College of Nursin

    OMG!! so sorry I have been super busy with school and I am just seeing this. Yes I did get in and only took the exam once!!!
  6. Hello I just finished my first 16 weeks at the St. Louis campus. Stay calm and release the anxiety it's not that bad. I won't lie it's challenging and require GREAT TIME MANAGEMENT! What classes are you taking in Jan?
  7. Desert lady sounds like to me you have to SACRIFICE to get!! I hope he takes everyone's advice and step out on FAITH..
  8. tflo4474

    Microbiology online at Chamberlain!

    Thank you Meeshie I will keep that in mind.
  9. tflo4474

    Microbiology online at Chamberlain!

    Thank you for moving my question. I look forward to the responses! Thanks again.
  10. tflo4474

    Accepted into nursing school

    CONGRATS!! I wish you the best!! Nursing here we come!!
  11. Hello everyone.. I was wondering has anyone taken microbiology online at Chamberlain College of Nursing in St. Louis? If so, how was it vs in the classroom?
  12. tflo4474

    Oldest Practicing Nurse in US Turns 90!!

    AMAZING!! Happy birthday may she be blessed with many more!!! The Governor was right SELFLESS!! I pray I can be half the nurse she is!! She is a GEM!!
  13. I am so excited!!! I received the phone call I have been waiting on!!! Yes you are accepted into the Fall BSN Class!!! I'm wondering if there are others out there that will be starting at Chamberlain -St louis this Aug!! I have longed to be a nurse since the age of 7. Many attempts however TIMING is everything. I have battled with being over 40, if nursing is really for me, and if I can do this. Im ready and I believe the timing is better than ever!! Cheer me on fellow nurses because Im believing in each of you as well!!
  14. Congrats to you!!! I can only imagine the feeling you have at this!! May you be the best nurse you can be!!!
  15. tflo4474

    just took Hesi A2 for Chamberlain College of Nursin

    I am going for Rn. My file goes before the board on Friday. So I will know yay or nay by Monday June 1. :)
  16. tflo4474

    just took Hesi A2 for Chamberlain College of Nursin

    I will be attending the st louis campus

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