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  1. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone is currently attending NAU this semester. I am in the process of applying for the program would love to get some feedback about how its going so far and if it is worth the cost. Right now I'm not so sure, I attend classes at the Independence campus and I'm feeling a little skeptical right now due to the out of pocket cost that was not discussed with me when applying and also the comments the staff makes about the nursing instructors at Zona Rosa.
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  3. by   Bbaby86
    Hey I know this is an older post, but I will absolutely say do not apply to NAU if you haven't already! Everything you've probably heard about the nursing instructors and the nursing dept as a whole I'm sure is 110% true! I didn't believe it, and became a victim to their program. I was accepted into the program and started June 2014! After 8 weeks, I dropped the program and transferred to MCC Blue River starting Fall 2014 to take a couple classes and plan to apply in Jan 2015, for Fall 2015 start! Not to sure about Penn Valley, as I've been told different things but we'll see what happens I suppose!
  4. by   glamcakes
    Oh wow, I'm glad I decided to let it go. I completed a few courses with NAU and transferred the credits to Penn Valley. If you don't mind me asking what made you leave? Some of the staff complained about the attitudes of the nursing instructors did you have to go to any clinicals that were a few hours away? I am applying in January too! I've heard that Penn Valley is a little unorganized but I am willing to put up with it since it cost a lot less.
  5. by   Bbaby86
    I believe any nursing school/dept is expected to be a little unorganized but I've heard mostly good things about Penn Valley's program, so I'm eager to apply and holding out hope that I'm accepted! Lol I took a step back by dropping NAU's program but in the long run I feel that's what was best for me personally. The attitude's of the nursing dept were horrid. The instructor's are only there for a paycheck, hence why it is a for-profit school... I did 2 years of pre-reqs with NAU... And left with $25K in debt in student loans! The general education teachers I thought were great and I loved the accelerated classes as well, but when I got into the Nursing program I found accelerated was NOT for me anymore. They rush you through class and they don't provide demonstrations because they literally do NOT know how to do them. I was told to find a YouTube demonstration to help learn each technique. It's really quite ridiculous, and it was so bad that I was on the edge of reporting to the state. Many, many other things happened were just terrible around there and created a nightmare. The instructors have absolutely NO respect for students and you're literally left to teach yourself. 1st Q you didn't have clinicals so I never had to travel far although ZR was about 45 min from my house so that sucked! Clinicals were in the metro area within an hour which is normal for any nursing school because there are other nursing schools in the metro going after the same clinical locations, sometimes you might have to travel an hour away but that's with any school. I've never heard of any clinical being 2-3 hours away although I have a friend who did when she was in Respiratory Therapy School! Lol I have a friend who is graduating in May from NAU's program and she has suffered the entire way through but managed to teach herself and work together with other students to get trough school. You know it's bad when Financial Aid even tells you, that you should've never applied to NAU... And that NAU is crooked. I transferred to Penn Valley and took Chem and Psych, and already had my TEAS completed and transferred to PV, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting my application in! No Nursing school is easy but I've heard PV is SO much more manageable. It's all in how much effort and dedication you want to put into your education I guess, that's where people succeed! Sorry for the long post... I could go on and on about NAU! Lol
  6. by   glamcakes
    Thank you for sharing your story, I was initially put off by the cost after speaking with financial aid about the nursing core. I didn't realize it cost $400 a credit hour once you're in the nursing program and even after loans advising said everyone still has to pay out of pocket. I asked about the clinicals being a few hours away because the head of the Nursing Department CN explained in a nursing session that some of the students had to share a hotel because the clincal was 3 hours away. Zona Rosa is also 45 minutes away for me I live in Blue Springs and I thought about the winter months I ultimately decided I better stick with Penn Valley. Oh, and I also found out because of the cost it would be virtually impossible to complete a BSN because you would use your lifetime pell and loans before completing it. I'm sorry to hear about your experience but at least you got out of the program before you got to far into it. Jan 2nd can't get here fast enough I am ready to put my app in too. Good luck!
  7. by   Bbaby86
    I'm not sure why they would have told you it was $400/CH? When I started in 2012, it was $305, and this past fall I know it went up to $325 but it has never been $400! There's other expenses, such as your 1st Q they purchase the ATI NCLEX Book Series for you and include it in your tuition which I think is ridiculous because now I have these books that I paid for and although I know they will help in the long run, they were around $450-$475 total and Idk what PV does with the books, or if they require you to purchase them. The CH's are the same for nursing classes and pre reqs! I paid A LOT of money just to put in my application there, got my CNA in KS and MO both, they required the background check, BSL, physical, etc. with your app as well. Kinda sucks that I have 2 sets of scrubs that I spent about $90 on that are embroidered with the school name as well! Moral of the story... NAU is a nightmare! lol
  8. by   Bbaby86
    Also for PV, have you spoken to anybody in the nursing dept? I've spoken with different advisers at BR over the last semester and was told numerous different things. I finally called and received some verification directly from the nursing dept.

    They told me not to pay to transfer my ATI results from my TEAS but make sure the scores are attached to my app, their website says differently, and I stated I was concerned and just wanted to make sure that if I didn't submit my TEAS results electronically that my app wouldn't be denied. But whoever I spoke with made it very clear NOT to submit my TEAS results electronically. Little nervous about that since the app clearly states you will not be considered if results are not submitted from ATI. A friend who previously applied said they just requested the results electronically after they received her app, because she was told the same thing. Strange, but hopefully it all works out!!

    Also I was expecting to apply Jan 2nd as well because a week ago when I inquired about something else that's what they told me, BUT as of Monday (Took my Compass Monday, and was informed then) that their break has been extended and that all offices will remain closed until Jan 5th! MCCKC homepage has been updated to offices being closed through Jan 2nd, and last night I noticed when I was looking over the app that the Nursing website has been updated as well and says "For fall semester, the second Wednesday in January through the fourth Wednesday in January." So it appears that apps will be accepted starting the 14th and ending the 28th? Definitely going to call about that when their offices reopen! Just thought I would let you know as well!!
  9. by   glamcakes
    Thank you for sharing this information with me!. I spoke with someone in the Nursing Department last week or the week before and asked about the application dates because the website says the application period starts on the 2nd Thursday in January and goes through the third Thursday in January but the second Thursday in January is the 1st so the office is closed. The person I spoke with said the application period would start on January second so now I am worried I don't want to turn my app in too soon because that can disqualify me. I am also worried because I took the TEAS at NAU and I recently sent my transcripts to Penn Valley because it states that if you don't send them in before the application period you are not eligible to apply. I'm so confused now and I just checked the site you're right about the application period starting on the 14th I guess when they say the fourth Wednesday they mean the fourth week? because the 28th wouldn't be the 4th Wednesday? Omg, lol thank you so much for mentioning all of this. I will call when the office opens too. If I speak with anyone I will definitely update you! if you find out anything before I do please let me knw thank you for your help.
  10. by   glamcakes
    Oh and to answer your question about NAU the tuition went up I still have the paper that says it is $400 a credit hour for the Nursing core. This was in 2014 I was shocked while going over my financial plan.
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  11. by   glamcakes
    I just went to the website again and if you click on admission requirement the tab underneath professional nursing it still says the Second Thursday in August. I wonder which one is correct? but like you said the office is closed until the 5th so I guess the second Weds would be correct. Definitely calling as soon as they open.
  12. by   Lilacs For Mom
    The way I read the website is:
    January application period-second Wednesday through fourth Wednesday (January 14-28, 2015)
    August application period-second Thursday through fourth Thursday (August 13-27, 2015)

    I was was planning to post mark my application on January 14th, 2015.
  13. by   glamcakes
    You're right Lilac's mom I mistyped. That is a good idea to postmark it January 14th. I will call on the second to get clarification and I will definitely let you guys know what I find out. Thank you I was over thinking everything lol
  14. by   Bbaby86
    Hey kellmvb, Sorry it's taken so long to get back here and reply. I left NAU in August 2014. Tuition went up to $325 per credit hour Fall Quarter in September 2014. Whoever told you it was $400, was lying!!! lol I still have friends that go there and are in their clinicals and they said their tution did not go up to $400, that's ridiculous anybody would tell you that or give you a piece of paper saying that!? lol

    Reply to previous comment, Don't worry about your TEAS being taken at NAU. Like I said previously, when a friend turned her app in, they had her submit them electronically then! She was chosen as an alternate, and ended up going to NAU and graduates in May this year!

    In regards to your last comment, The 2nd Wed in August date is for the Winter Start Jan 2016. Applying NEXT WEEK (Finally!!!) would be for the Fall Start Aug 2015! Their site is definitely confusing at times! Application Period that starts next week should run Wed, Jan 7th- Wed, Jan 21! Hopefully we can get some real clarification on Monday when they are open again!!!