moving to Missouri again.

  1. Hi everyone, i live in Iowa right now and im planning to move back by my kids. Im 46 and just starting a nursing career. Ill be certified in may :hatparty: and want to go for my LPN. Some people say just to get my CMA, its faster and you also can work in DR's offices. I see so many places want RN's or LPN's , would it be better to get my LPN or should i just take the easy way and get my CMA? I want to be the best that i can be, but i dont want to jipp myself either. Also if anyone works for the Hospital in Warrensburge, tell me, is it a good place to work. I work for St Anthonys in Carroll Iowa, and if i didnt need to be near my kids, i would be their for life. I would tell anyone to work their. I know to well that nursing is one of the hardest jobs to do, im not blind to that and i know that there will be alot of downs, but if i can make of person smile, i have done a good job. Tell me your thoughts
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  3. by   barefootlady
    Good Luck on your move back to Missouri.
    I cannot answer your question about what choice of school you should attend. Each of the options you mentioned have very different expectations,
    so the choice is really yours: CMA less physical work, less pay, less opportunity in some areas; LPN many more job options, more demanding and more physical work, more employment opportunities, better pay in most areas, but still not able to do many things a RN can do; RN very demanding, can be very physical, many job opportunities, decent pay, but nursing is changing and so is the role of the RN.

    Have you considered speak with a career counselor? They may help you find the answers you need. Again, Good Luck!
  4. by   jennanlpn
    Hello and welcome! Personally, I am an LPN (tho haven't worked as one, had a baby and stayed home ) and I have recently decided to go back to my original goal to become an RN. It has taken me some time to decide this is what I want to do. When I sit down and think, RN is the way to go for me. Best wishes to you on what you decide is best for you and on your move! Love, Jenn