I need your input on commuting

  1. Hi missouri nurses. I a millitary spouse moving to MO in July, and just accepted an offer at mercy hospital (full-time ) springfield.
    My question: is it insane to want to commute from Waynesville,MO to Springfield? It's about an hour and a half commute one way. We have tried looking for homes to rent in between so as to reduce my commute, and still be close to fort leonard wood for my husband's job on base (he's required to be close, because he will be on-call)
    I don't want to pass up this opportunity at Mercy, but also don't want to get burnt out too early due to the commute. Any input would be appreciated. If you know of any nice towns in between, feel free to comment
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  3. by   Camwill
    I did it for three years and mercy is a great place to work, they value their nurses
  4. by   mindy kaling
    Thanks for your input, am starting next week. Super excited
  5. by   Camwill
    How is it going?
  6. by   mindy kaling
    Going good so far, everybody is really nice, just doing general orientation and paperwork for now. Can't wait to start on the unit, everybody seems to really like it though
  7. by   Camwill
    I do miss that!
  8. by   TanaRN85
    Hello. I'm moving to the Missouri area soon for my husband's job and I too am considering accepting a position with Mercy. My commute would also be about an hour and a half commute as well. Curious as to how that is working for you?