Barnes Jewish Hospital

  1. Hi I was offered a GN position in the trauma division at BJH, I was just curious if anyone has woked there and if so what do they think of it and for a GN. Thanks
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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    Several of my classmates accepted positions at Barnes-Jewish after graduation. No complaints so far - and many are still working there. It's a huge facility that sees the sickest of the sick, so you will see and learn a ton. Good luck, and congrats on graduation!
  4. by   cherbRN
    I started there 1 year ago and went through their 5 months of orientation out of nursing school. I has been a wealth of experience. I think I have seen and been a part of everything I have ever learned about in nursing school and THEN A WHOLE LOT MORE!!
  5. by   meme75
    Swan can I ask if you are still there and if so what floor are you on? Was the orientation of 5 months a standard time they give for new grads?
  6. by   cherbRN
    I am in Trauma/ER and yes I am still here!
  7. by   cherbRN
    It is a "Mandatory" 5 month preceptorship/orientation with classes and homework and floor time that is designed to ease you into the scenery. There are many things to know in there and sometimes it can be a little un nerving. Better to be prepared. Did you get accepted into the fellowship?
  8. by   meme75
    I just accepted the position so i start in May, I have to call the floor manager and let her know if i want to get in the fellowship, is that something that you rccomend?
  9. by   Lance67RN
    I have applied at Barnes myself. Spoke to the nursing recruiter today. Stated was still going through all the applications. According to him, the fellowship begins in June. For med/surg that is. The reason Ive applied there is because of the fellowship. Please, its been a long, tough road for me finding a job in a hospital, please cross your fingers, light a candle or pray pray pray for me to be accepted. Hard for me to find a job in a hospital I guess because Ive held two jobs in nine months. The first one, there three months. The preceptor didnt know how to be a human being let alone anything else. The other hospital-had no formal training in place.
    Sorry, off track. Go for the fellowship and good luck
  10. by   meme75
    Good luck Lance with Barnes, i am sure you will get the job, what floor are you applying to? I have to take my NCLEX on Thursday, I am worried also...Keep us informed...
  11. by   meme75
    Also if you like I can give you the name of the recruiter I went through, she was extremely nice and very efficent in getting things done...
  12. by   Lance67RN
    the name of the recruiter would be great. thanks tons. and also thanks for the sentiment. i hope too. best of luck on the nclex. i know youll do well. the nclex is a messed up exam. i think i knew about five answers for certain, rest were guesses. but i passed first time around. youll do brilliant!