Almost semester break!!

  1. For all us MO students, it's almost time for a welcome semester break!! This will be the end of my first semester and I am more than ready for it!!

    I will enjoy the holidays with the kiddos, do some cleaning up, spend some time reviewing drugs and fluid & electrolytes in anticipation of 2nd semester, and taking a week to visit family/friends in L.A....

    What's everyone else going to be up to?!?! Congrats to all!!
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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    Well, since probably everyone on this board knows that I will be graduating Dec. 16 (not looking forward to it or anything! ), I will be celebrating that accomplishment! I will spend Christmas with my family here in Missouri, and a few days after I will hop into my Ryder truck with the man and move out to California. The NCLEX exam and my CTICU job at UCLA await me.....

    Congrats to all of us for making it through another semester!
  4. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    wdwpixie I'm like you....catching up on the huricane I call a home(housework is the thing that has definetly slid since starting nursing school!), reviewing for 2nd semester(definetly fluids & electrolytes hear so many horror stories!); spend some quality time with my hubby and daughters!
    Only 3 weeks left in this semester! Last clinical was today, last clinical lab check out for me is Thursday. 2 exams left one being the comprehensive final. I'll be finished on December 13th!YEAH!!!
  5. by   WDWpixieRN

    I'm with you....I bought the F & E Made Incredibly Easy and I'm determined to get in to it during the break....I heard horror stories of 2nd semester students struggling through the first few exams because of this topic!! I am so afraid of being behind the 8-ball just from having a break!! I can't imagine what the summer break will do to me!! Have you checked into the Student Nurse Internships through SSM that will be offered next summer? I have some info if you're interested -- PM me!
  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I am not from MO, I am a student from NH. I like all of you look forward to a few weeks break, no care plans, no instructors, no studying, no.... I do have to take a class, but its only for a week. I will even have time to get some CEUs towards my paramedic renewal.. Hope you all enjoy the holidays and break..

  7. by   WDWpixieRN
    Hi swtooth!! Welcome to MO (well, in a manner of speaking!).....good luck with your classes and enjoy your break!! Happy Holidays, too, while we're at it!!