What color uniforms for Holmes?

  1. I was just wondering if Holmes requires white uniforms or some other color?
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  3. by   LPN0608
  4. by   jg24
    Thanks for your response. That makes sense. I should have known since that is the school color.
  5. by   dynat
    Uniforms changed last semester to cardinal red pants and white tops.
  6. by   deedee3
    They are red and white, but which is which? LPN: white top, red pants; RN: Red top, white pants - or the other way 'round? (bookstore lady was not sure....but I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow, and will post)
  7. by   dynat
    I don't know about LPN but RN is white top and red pants
  8. by   Kbass2
    Are the colors for uniform still the same for this year (white pant and red top) or is it vise versa?? for LPN I mean??
  9. by   jg24
    We had white tops and red pants. It was the same for Goodman and Ridgeland. I heard they might be changing to red on red this year though. When do you have orientation?
  10. by   Kbass2
    oh ok! thanks. I have orientation Monday! so excited!!!!!
  11. by   jg24
    Good luck on Monday. It seems like just yesterdayI was sitting at orientation and now I am going to graduate Thursday. It will go by fast. Pretty soon you will be a new nurse.
  12. by   Kbass2
    I sure hope so!! I know you are excited!!!! Thank you for all your help!!! and Congrats again!!!
  13. by   lovelyb26
    Quote from Kbass2
    oh ok! thanks. I have orientation Monday! so excited!!!!!

    So how was your first semester of nursing school?!