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  1. Kbass2

    Shoes for Uniform??

    Thanks for all the replies....I have looked around and I really like the white skechers snapdragons. Has anyone had any experience with them? Thanks!! :)
  2. Kbass2

    Shoes for Uniform??

    Sounds good to me!! Thanks :)
  3. Kbass2

    Shoes for Uniform??

    Cool thanks!!
  4. Kbass2

    Shoes for Uniform??

    hey I was told we will need white leather tennis shoes for our uniform during clinicals. Which ones are the best to get? What are some ones that y'all have purchased and liked? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Kbass2

    Go figure.......

    I start in August, I really hope I DONT have any girls like this!! .....oops I forgot my COMMA........my bad!!
  6. Kbass2

    attention all mississippi nursing students

    wow, I never knew that hospitals accepted online. That is really good!! Congrats! It may be an option for me to bridge over that way!!! Thanks for the info!!
  7. Kbass2

    Does Financial Aid cover everything???

    Leenak....I know what financial aid is...I already have been approved. I was just wondering if the $2,775 a semester would cover everything; books, supplies, uniforms, stethoscope...ect... thanks!
  8. Kbass2

    What color uniforms for Holmes?

    I sure hope so!! I know you are excited!!!! Thank you for all your help!!! and Congrats again!!!
  9. Kbass2

    What color uniforms for Holmes?

    oh ok! thanks. I have orientation Monday! so excited!!!!!
  10. Kbass2

    attention all mississippi nursing students

    GReat!!! I am going through Holmes in ridgeland! ALso what is Excelsior? never heard of them?
  11. Does receiving financial aid cover everything need for the PN program at Holmes?? It's like 2,775 a semesters is what i will receive. Will that be enough?
  12. Kbass2

    What school are you going to?

    Holmes Community College Ridgeland,MS!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!! :stdnrsrck:
  13. Kbass2

    LPN Student...

    cjungen...where are you going to nursing school at? Congrats by the way!!!
  14. Kbass2

    New LPN students??

    Yay!!! Congrats to everyone!! I have orientation on June 27th I believe we start in August at Holmes!! Can't wait!!
  15. Kbass2

    What color uniforms for Holmes?

    Are the colors for uniform still the same for this year (white pant and red top) or is it vise versa?? for LPN I mean??
  16. Kbass2

    attention all mississippi nursing students

    KellPN did you have any luck finding a job?? I just got accepted in the PN program for this Fall!! Think I will have any luck next year finding a job??