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Ok, somebody I know might have recently found a missing container of narcs that was supposedly signed in a couple weeks ago by a couple other nurses. There are a certain number of sheets, but one less actual narcs. We don't count sheets like most nursing homes, but this nurse decided to count them one night and that's how they discovered it. This person was reluctant to tell the DON, but decided to as they didn't want this going on (if someone is taking them) and get the rest of us in trouble. A couple of us talked to the other nurses and of course they denied it. Now it sounds like they may do lie detector and/or drug tests on us. At first this sounded ok to the person discovering it (as they did'nt take the missing container).

Now this got me thinking...since I'm a nervous person by nature. What if I fail the lie detector test if they do one and the person who took it passes? I hear it does happen sometimes. Or what if one of the other "good" nurses fails it? Or what if (hypothetically) for example, they ask if you ever took anything from the facility... ie say maybe sometime in the past you tossed a pill in your pocket since the resident was either sleeping and would'nt wake up or refused at the time and you intended to come back later to give it to them, but it got busy and you forgot. Then when you got home, you found it and disposed of it because it would look suspicious taking it back the next time you worked (say it was something prn or not really that important if they missed the one dose of course). I don't know how reliable or legal for that matter a test like this is, but I don't want to lose my license over something somebody else did if it comes to that. Of course maybe there is a logical explanation like somebody leaving the narc box unlocked at some point and somebody else stole it or maybe the paperwork got messed up somehow. I would have no problem taking the drug test if they decide to do that, but just don't know if I like the idea of the lie detector test and what all they can ask you.

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Thanks for the posts. Whats weird is we have never counted the sheets since I've been there and I even found a narc over a year old without a sheet! We keep track of the current meds, but not the "extras". I'm surprised there has never been an issue with state, but maybe rules are more lax with assisted living facilities.

If you have malpractice cal them IMMEDIATELY and ask them what to do......if not get a lawyer. If they accuse you and you are fired they can also report you liscence and have it disiplined and or revoked.

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They should be looking at the nurse that signed the narcotic sheets in and look back at other narcotics that came in that same day to see if anything else is missing. I agree that I don't think they will do polygraph test because they are very expensive. You worry way to much, just take a deep breath and do what you where taught to do correctly then you will not have any problems.

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Dude, I am with you! I would totally fail a polygraph simply because I would be a wreck! I agree, if someone was diverting, the meds would more than likely have cleared their system by now. HOWEVER, if someone is taking narcs from work, they more than likely have a dependency issue and will probably have taken more. You shouldn't be worried if you aren't taking anything. You are not going to lose your license over someone else's mistake.

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I wouldn't work in a place that didn't count narcs. My license is at stake.

Today I counted every single pill on 74 sheets of narcs in my med cart. That's right 74 sheets of them. Jeez.

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I wouldn't work in a place that didn't count narcs. My license is at stake.

Today I counted every single pill on 74 sheets of narcs in my med cart. That's right 74 sheets of them. Jeez.

I'm agree with you completely! It sounds like there needs to be some inservicing on the importance of counting both the narcs AND the narc sheets.

I could be wrong, but I can't imagine that the rules are more laid back for assisted living because drug diversion is covered by the DEA. They don't mess around and if they come into your facility, EVERYbody is a suspect. I know os some of my co-workers who were around during a DEA investigation and they've said it is not fun.

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