Misdemeanor for assault???

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Hello! I know its been years since you last posted but what was the end result of this? I am going through something similar.

The OP hasn't been back since then, so not likely that you will get an answer to this question.


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I myself had an simple assault in 2007 before I became licensed in 2008, I explained to BON and have had no problems since then. The charge is only charge and I have a prayer for judgement for it.


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I have been going through the courts with a recent incident that happened with my ex boyfriend. Long story short they are dropping my charges down to a third degree misdemeanor negligent assault. I have been a licensed nurse for 3 years. When I report this to the board will they discipline me for this? Has anyone had a crazy experience like this?


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8 years late but what ended up happening?

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