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  1. CMLPN08

    How does the VA extend an offer?

    It took me from April for tenantive to June for final offer but they called and extended the offer and then sent me email with my offer letter.
  2. CMLPN08

    VA Hiring Process

    Hi As I was reading your post I saw where you stated that you were going to transfer out after probation period. You don't have to wait to transfer, the probation period doesn't hurt you when it comes to leaving. I was told during orientation that most nurse managers and others won't tell you upfront but once you are in the VA you can apply and transfer immediately for any openings you choose.
  3. CMLPN08

    Misdemeanor for assault???

    I myself had an simple assault in 2007 before I became licensed in 2008, I explained to BON and have had no problems since then. The charge is only charge and I have a prayer for judgement for it.
  4. CMLPN08

    I hate my job =(

    I say keep looking and applying daily, long term care can be really hard on you. I know I've been a nurse in LTC for 7yrs and I've finally had enough.
  5. CMLPN08

    Job abandonment

    You did the right thing, everyone knows you have to clock in for it to be abandonment. Some places just don't care. Good luck with your job search!!
  6. I'm a Lpn who has worked in skilled nursing for 7 years. This year has been the worst experience mainly due to the company I've worked for. I've waited on a position that was offered to me for over 6months and they've yet to find replacement for my position so I've been held hostage on a shift and in a position I've tried to get out of. I am switching to private duty this month can anyone tell me what they did to adjust and how was the transition? I feel it will be less stressful where I'm going and also less workload.
  7. No need for notice you've only been employed a month now if you had years behind them yes but heck no go ahead and go. I just dealt with whether or not I should work my notice at a place I've been employed at 5 years and I had to make myself stay because of how much time I've spent there. Good luck!
  8. CMLPN08

    Home health nurses

    Just recently took a position with Mission Medstaff of Charlotte. Pay is fairly well anywhere from $18-$24 doe and client!
  9. CMLPN08

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    $19.33 in North Carolina
  10. CMLPN08

    Carolinas healthcare system LPN payscale

    I have been told $17 to $18, and pay is based on exp. what about float nurse also?
  11. CMLPN08

    Burned out

    I have been a LPN for 6 almost 7 years. I am way past burned out, so far to where I'm over half way complete with my healthcare administration degree. I understand your pain. Nursing can be very stressful.
  12. Has anyone ever called and spoke with the person in position to assist or who does hiring after submitting application and resume? How did it go and what did you say?
  13. CMLPN08

    Lpn pay at carolinas healthcare System

    Thanks I've seen recently where they've had a surge of LPN jobs.
  14. CMLPN08

    state surveyor Interview tommarrow

    That's awesome
  15. CMLPN08

    can any LVN describe a NOC shift?

    My night shift consists of counting meds coming on shift for two carts plus the narc drawer in med room. Also doing night census count, Medicare charting on select patients, treatments which are mainly supportive devices. Administering medications. Documenting vitals, making out daily condition sheets, collecting any urine for am labs. Checking fridge temps. And monitoring cnas and assigning them assignments.