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So I saw some spam faxes at work which I usually just pitch, but one of them caught my eye for a medical market research company because it is saying that if a nurse "consults on an upcoming research study" they will pay $200 for a 90 minute focus group session.

My 'too good to be true' red flags are going off but I figured I'd ask about it here on the off chance that this is legit.

Has anyone done any of these?

I've participated (not consulted) in a lot of focus groups, and I usually get $75-150 for a session that lasts 1 or 2 hours. It could be true...


I've done a few but $200 never. It was usually !) or debit card of 20. WOW what are they wanting you to endorse????

I just took a 10 minute survey for a medical company that I do survey's for from time to time. I am going to get $40.00. I have received as much as $75.00, but it's not very often..

Where do you find these kind of jobs? In the newspaper?

I don't remember when I started with them, but they are very specific to certain items or specialities. If you do not meet what they are looking for in a particular survey, it will not let you go any further. I had to go back and find the website, but it is www.jramednet.com. Good luck

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I did one for $350 with dinner included but it was for 2 1/2 hours.

I used to work in Pharmac. research, and every once in a while a company would pay WELL over normal market value for time and services provided IF they were in a big rush to get things done.

It happens, just not often.

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