St. Kate's Post-Bacc Program

  1. Hi-

    I was wondering if anyone is participating or has particpated in St. Kate's post-bacc BSN evening/weekend program? I am going to apply for next year's program and would like to hear what other's experiences have been.

    As far as applying, they said that you don't have to have the pre-req's completed and minimum GPA is 2.6. Other than that, what do you think they are looking for in a "desirable" candidate? I know so many people apply and I would like to know what they look for since I am sure most people meet the GPA requirement.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    I would Check out Metro states and Minnesota state-Mankatos accelerated BSN programs...
  4. by   Toots71506
    Hi HM2Viking - I'm also looking into Metro State but I've heard that program is so intense...I like the fact that St. Kate's is evening and weekend but I'm not sure on the school. When I went to visit I didn't really like the vibe I got...

    Any reason why you're recommending schools other than St. Kate's?

    Do you know anything about Metro State's program?
  5. by   Bennie44
    Why do you say that? Do you have any experiences with St. Kate's or do you just recommend the other two over St. Kate's?

  6. by   HM2VikingRN
    The NCLEX pass rate for NSU-Mankato is higher than that of St Kates. I wouldn't be scared of the accelerated program at either school. I didn't site visit metro state so I can't speak to its atmosphere or program.

    Our accelerated group in Mankato started with 16 and ended with 16. Last years accelerated group had a first time NCLEX pass rate of 100%.
  7. by   Toots71506
    For those of you that have gone through the post-bacc evening/weekend program at St. Kate's (or know someone who did), can you please answer the following questions for me:

    1 - How was the work load?
    2 - What days did you meet? Their site says Tue and Thu and every other Sat. OR Sunday. Is this true?
    3 - Did the majority of the class have other obligations (ie. family and full time jobs)
    4 - Was it intense and hard to get all the work completed during the 2 years?
  8. by   Bennie44

    did you apply to the St. Kate's program for next fall?

    I am interested in hearing any responses to your post as well.
  9. by   Toots71506
    I'm still deciding between this school and another one that offers the courses during the day so I haven't applied. I'm leaning toward St. Kate's because I like the fact that the dates and times of class are the same almost every week. I have a small child and soon another on the way so I need consistency for our sake. I did attend an info session and it seems that most all students work almost full time and have a family so that tells me that the program doesn't take over your life like I've heard others do...that is the reason I'm interested in the evening/weekend format. Have you applied?
  10. by   Bennie44

    yes, I have applied. St. Kate's was the only school that really fit my needs. I need to go eve/weekend. I will need to continue to work. I wish I could JUST go to school, but not an option for us. I am nervous because I will work, have a husband and 3 kids four and under. I sound crazy when I write it out! BUT, that is all assuming I get in. That is the first hurdle I have to cross! I went to the info night as well.

    I would really like to know from someone who has been down this path what they thought of the coursework. I would love to have an idea of how much time (outside of class) I would have to set aside for homework/studying??????
  11. by   Toots71506
    Hi Bennie - Did you complete your pre-reqs already or are you doing that at St. Kate's? I'm curious as well to hear a response about the amount of time required outside of class. From what it sounded like at the info session, there are many women in your position and they manage and so will you. Good luck in getting accepted. When will you find out?
  12. by   Bennie44

    I have about half of the pre-req's to transfer. I need to take all the science related courses.

    App deadline isn't until the end of this month and applicants won't know until July. Are you still considering applying? Have you done the essays and app yet?
  13. by   Toots71506
    I won't be applying this year. My plan is to take all the pre-reqs at my local CC and then transfer the credits. This should save money and then I can do the classes at my own pace over time. I looked at the essay and application but I haven't done anything with it. I'm thinking of possible essay topics and writing one makes me kind of nervous!
  14. by   maxxineo
    I just graduated from St Kates post-bacc program....Great program, but check into some school's bridge to Master's program first....

    Post-bacc is two nights a week, every other weekend....very managable, can be done while working full time (I did it!). I just finished school in December and am working full time at the VA. My only complaint with the program is that there isn't as much clinical time as there maybe should's hard when everyone in class works!