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Just wondering where you all where from, what you are doing, CNA, LPN, RN ect. Where to you work, and why do you like Minnesota.... Read More

  1. by   natkat2816
    Not sure if I ever introduced myself on here or not so here goes. I live in the northern suburbs and have been in MN all my life. Currently I've only been a nurse about 2.5 years so I'm still learning everyday. Work on a med-surg/ortho unit at the hospital and love that.
  2. by   Daisy117
    I am from the Twin Cities, but currently living in the northwoods of MN. I am in my second semester of the LPN program at LSC in Duluth and hoping to be admitted to the RN program for Fall of 2008. I can't wait to move back to the cities, I miss the life.
  3. by   Jeannai
    Hi, I live near woodbury. I just got accepted to St. Kates nursing program I love Mn because this is where I grew up. Its a great place to live and raise a family.
  4. by   justrissy
    HI I was born and raised in MN 50 miles north of the Twin Cities. Work for 10 yrs and a LTC facility in New Brighton as a NA/R before moving in to Eastern WI. Currently working as and LPN in a LTC facility in the little town I live in and am taking my RN NCLEX in 2 weeks. Even though I've lived in WI for the past 6 1/2 yrs I still consider myself a MN girl, my whole family still lives in MN and My Husband commutes to St Paul to work everyday! We do most of our shopping and some doctoring in MN. MN girl through and through!
  5. by   ksangel
    st cloud area here.

    looking for lpn job....prefere part time for now...just going back after a 2 1/2 year break. waiting on mn board of nursing to send me my liscense. hopefully soon. transplanted here 8 months ago..... by the way like it in mn..... getting use to the frigid winter.... but its not bad yet
  6. by   Dean of Nursing
    I am the Dean of Nursing for Rasmussen College in Eagan MN.
    I have my masters in pediatric clinical nurse specialist and am not working in Education.
    I love MN mainly because my family is here and we have 4 seasons (even though they are not all 3 months long)
    Let me know if you have any other questions for me! Great discussion topic!
  7. by   Pooksmom1996
    I grew up in southeastern Ohio, and moved to the Minneapolis area in 1991, to be with my husband. Before that, I worked as a psych RN in several areas of the US.

    I loved psych nursing, as long as I was working in a facility that gave good care and where I had enough backup so that I did not have to worry about having serious danger to any tender parts of my body. I also worked towards a secondary goal of being a flight instructor-which is a lot like being a psych nurse except that the nursing takes place 3000 feet up in the air LOL! I am glad that I dropped that career plan-dealing with a scared client on the ground is one thing, but not while trying to place an airplane rightside up on the runway.

    Since then, I worked in long term care and home health, and took time off to raise my son. I love taking care of older folks in LTC and making their home the best place that it can be.

    I am finishing an RN refresher course so that I can brush up on my skills. I hope to work at a nice LTC facility close to home in the south suburbs as soon as I finish the refresher course.

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  8. by   marleyme
    I live in Northern MN and work as a Home Health & Hospice LPN as the Telehomecare/Telemedicine Nurse. I love technology and how it can improve our patient's lives. For a small community of 1500 we have advanced to technology to help us better care for our patients and reduce costs while still providing quality care. In our hospital we have laptops on stands called turtles, so that we can do bedside charting, in our Long Term Care all CNA's carry PDA's and also perform bedside charting. The LTC nurses have laptops on their med carts. In Home Health and Hospice all nurses carry laptops ( sure beats the paper working charts we used to carry) and all Home Health Aides carry PDA's. To reduce drive time to larger specialty hospitals, in between when the specialty physician comes to our facility once or twice a month, we offer Telemedicine .The pt comes to their own hospital and can meet their doctor face to face on ITV, in real time. We will do this for surgical consults and for follow up care after surgery. I use special equipment so that the physician can hear lung sounds and heart sounds and special camera's so the physician can see surgical incisions. I coordinate the visits with the physician's nurse or scheduler, call the pts and take orders from the physicians for other tests that may be needed.
    In Home Care & Hospice our nurses place Telehomecare units in the client's home. We use these units in hospice for pain management and family support. Our other criteria's are CHF, COPD, HTN, Diabetic teaching, Cardiac, and Coumadin Therapy. The units have B/P cuffs and stethescopes attached . We then add what peripherals the pt may need like glucometers, pulse oximeters, and scales. For patient's living a ways from the nearest clinic, we have portable PT/INR machines that hook in also. I perform the visits from my office using telephone lines. When I call them, they turn their unit on and I will switch the video, that way they can see me and I can see them. When the peripherals are plugged into the unit we can get instance readings. We are able to save these readings and print them out for their physicians when needed. I am able to listen to heart and lung sounds. I coordinate with the nurse managers or physicians when abnormal readings occur or health issues arise. We continue to perform inhome nurse visits, but by adding THC visits we are able to reduce rehospitalizations.
    I have been a nurse for 17 years and absolutely love it!!!

  9. by   Cari001
    I live in Roseville, MN and I am just beginning the process of becoming a nurse. I recently graduated with my BS in a non-nursing feild. I start my CNA course this Monday and hope to begin my pre-requisites this summer while working my desk job full-time! I'm very excited to begin this process and I'm so thankful for all the support I get from this site! I love MN. I just moved a couple years ago, so I plan to stay here for a while. I love MN summers!
  10. by   andpeggy
    hi everyone!
    nickname: lola. i live in ne mpls, in a grand old building that used to be a convent. i’ve been working towards nursing school for the past 3 years, and am finally starting a program this fall! i’m so excited. i continue to work as an office monkey as i wait for school to start, but i’d like to change that as soon as i can. i’m hoping to work in ltc as an aide as soon as possible. when i finish nursing school, i’d love to work in telemetry. ekgs fascinate me!

    i also like to run marathons in my spare time. fun times! glad to finally “meet” some of the people whose posts i read!
  11. by   deleern
    Hello, RN here in the North West corner of MN... 70 miles for canada and 45 miles from ND... I work in Long term care. I have been an RN for almost 2 years and I love it. I love MN I have lived here my whole life. But Hate the winters that are really cold. Like this year. but fortunatly it doesn't happen every year.
  12. by   ksangel
    wooohooo all my hard work has paid off. i just checked the mn board of nursing website and my lpn liscense was issued today !!!!!!!

    now i just need to find a job in the st cloud area.

    and get the paper in the mail.
  13. by   AKFLIGHTRN
    Excellent. Good luck with your job hunting.