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Just wondering where you all where from, what you are doing, CNA, LPN, RN ect. Where to you work, and why do you like Minnesota.... Read More

  1. by   HM2VikingRN
    st peter

    mankato state accelerated rn program graduating 12/15/07
  2. by   jetson
    hi y'all...i've been lurking on these boards for a while...started chipping away at nursing program pre-reqs five years ago...have been working as an LPN...hope to complete my last class for AD RN this fall - it's a clinical rotation at HCMC...i'm a student at MCTC and love aspects of that school and some of the prof's there...MN is great b'cos it's so easy - low costs of living; decent wages - if only winter started later and ended sooner it'd be purr-fect! Jetson Johnnie
  3. by   ckronsc1
    I currently work for the U of M fariview as an RN on a post-surgical floor but will be going to St. Johns in a few weeks to work in their float pool and eventually (after MANY classess) be in their critical care float pool!

    I was a student nurse tech at the VA in MPLS a few years ago and LOVED IT! I don't know why I didn't puruse employment with them after RN school :trout: The vets ROCK
  4. by   Brian
    Hello fellow Minnesotans!

    Originally from WI, but lived in MN my whole adult life. I call myself a Minnesotan, but I'm still a packer fan

    I live in the twin cities. Graduated from MCC (Minneapolis Community College) in 1995, the school changed its name to MCTC I also enjoyed the staff and my education there.

    I worked in LTC when I first graduated, as at that time, there was a nursing surplus and all hospitals wanted 1-2 years exp, wow how things change

    Then worked at Fairview Riverside in Tele, then worked at Vencore (THC), then HCMC in CCU for several years.

    Back in Nursing school, I started up a nursing web page as a hobby and now it is allnurses.com As the allnurses.com grew and I slowly began to cut back my hours at the hosp, and eventually, it demanded full time attention. So now, I work on allnurses.com full time and love it. Even though I have not worked in the clinical setting for some time, I still fill connected to the nursing world and feel that I have made some impact on nursing I still keep my nursing license active and always will.

    I also love this site, am here every day, although I don't post much, as I am working behind the scenes most of the time trying to keep things running smoothly and continually looking for ways to improve allnurses.com!
  5. by   jetson
    also had a Great experience at the MPLS VA through two clinical rotations. Vets rock indeed. But working there required that one jump through quite a number of flaming hoops...it'd be worth jumping through them though...
  6. by   deleern
    Brian, Thank you for this web site... this is where I have my morning coffee. Also thank you for the Bio!!!
  7. by   Alana211
    I recently graduated from MSCTC and passed my boards in August. I got a job working in a transitional care unit in Alexandria as a charge nurse. I have been working for 3 weeks now and I love it! I love working in MN because the people are so nice (Especially in the rural area where I live).
  8. by   MNmom3boys
    Hi all!

    I'm from the NW suburbs, graduated in May with an ADN from North Hennepin Community College. I passed my boards in May, took the summer off, and am currently job hunting...

    I moved around the midwest a lot as a kid, but DH has always been in MN, so we are here because of family and habit...

    I'm looking forward to seeing meny of you around the forum.
  9. by   pocahontas131
    Hello everyone!
    This is my first post, I'm completely brand new to the site and hoping that it helps me in the time to come. I work in Brainerd at Good Samaritan Society. I've been a NA/R for almost 7 years and a TMA for 3 years. I start LPN school at CLC in one week! I can't wait! :-D
  10. by   sarahlh
    Hi. I live in Madison and we are looking to move to the Cities in the near future (probably NW suburbs).

    I have worked as an RN for the past 4 years on a Surgical Intermediate Care Unit. We just built a new heart hospital and we moved to our new unit on Jan 2nd. LOVE the new unit!! However, not enough nursing comments were taken in setting up the functionality of the new unit. Especially for being a CVIMCU. Sorry sometimes asthetics needs to follow function.
  11. by   Brand new RN
    Minnesota Roll Call...I'm game.
    I traveled some as I spent time in the military and I'll always love Minnesota. It's people are high quality and it shows in how most of us treat others here I think.
    I moved from the Mpls area several years ago, managed to displace myself with respect to employment so returned to school to become a nurse.
    I enjoyed the Mpls area for many years but yearned for the quiet of our lovely state's rural areas. I spent many years in the insurance industry and have always had an interest in all things medical so at 50 plus I'm back in school with kids younger than my own.
    Of course all the youngsters I attend school with understand that I'll be in school for several more years and wonder if I'll be 58 when I get my MSN and that's so close to 65 why ever would I want to do it at all?
    Hey, just because you turn 65 doesn't it's not automatic with the retirement deal. Plus what will you do with yourself? If I'm healthy and have the right job, I could imagine myself working into my early 70's.
    So that's my plan...work for that masters to get the dream job.
    Oh, right now? I've just completed my first semester (LPN yr) of a two year RN program (all A's & B's). When I get that RN in 2009 I'll have all my gen. eds done for the BSN...so I just keep chuggin along.
    Lucky for me it's still winter break or I'd never got any of this written! LOL
    Oh, and thank you Brian...you've done a wonderful job here! :spin:
  12. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I live in the eastern burbs. I've always lived in MN and for a few years in northwestern WI. The winters get to me after a while, but do like living here. I don't have anything to compare it to. I'm an RN, splitting my part time hours between two psychiatric treatment programs and one board and lodge for MI/CD clients. Been doing it for 9 years and I can't see myself doing anything else.
  13. by   egglady
    Hi all! Well, I am from WI, lived here my whole life, but I went to school in 94 at what was then called Red Wing Tech college. Heck of a commute, but the smartest thing i ever did! Pretty town too!!

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