Mayo Clinic When to Apply

  1. I would like to know how far in advance of graduation should I apply to May Clinic? Or, should I wait until after I pass the NCLEX to apply?

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  3. by   niccikatie
    Personally, I'd apply ASAP. I started looking for jobs around this time last year and wasn't able to find anything until July. Also, most of the New Grad programs have deadline looming very soon.
  4. by   Jbeachgrl
    I would apply asap as well... They have an easy online application and their HR is wonderful if you have any questions
  5. by   kitty29
    Yes....I've worked here (Rochester) for 28 years and we always need nurses. If you could work as a summer III and get your foot in the door that would be good too.

    But I applied for my job in December, I graduated in the comming a interview over Christmas break and was hirered right away (1978-79).

    Good luck.
  6. by   mitch8lem
    Is it true that mayo has an ICU residency program for new grads?
  7. by   Quiet1
    When I was a new grad, I applied for a job at Mayo in October of my Senior year. I interviewed and was offered a job in October to start the next June. It is NOT too early to apply.

    We have had several new grads in our ICU, though they have usually (not always) done a capstone or been a Summer III.
  8. by   NIUredblack
    Applied to Mayo in Aug/Sept. of my last semester. Interviewed in October, graduated December started Feb. Mayo usually has 3-4 cohorts of RN's that go through ICU orientation throughout the year. Right now Mayo hasn't been hiring for a while in the ICUs though. However we did have a summer 3 program this year.
  9. by   nrsgstudnt89

    I am applying to the Summer III nursing program at the Mayo Clinic. I am from Boston, MA. Are you more likely to get accepted if you are from MN? Or, is there no preference for in or out of state students?

    I also have a 3.4 GPA. And, I work as a PCA for a woman at home. Do you think I have a good chance of getting in? Also, do we only need one reference from clinical faculty?

    Any advice that anyone could provide would be so helpful. I know that some of you work at the Mayo Clinic. This really sounds like an AMAZING opportunity and I am soooo worried that my GPA is too low.

  10. by   whip65
    Most Summer III's are not from MN, they come from all over the country.
  11. by   nrsgstudnt89
    Thanks Whip65,

    It's good to hear that! Were you a Summer III? Do you have an idea about what GPAs they accept.

  12. by   Laker2011
    hey i applied this year too, I'm from a small school in northern michigan. Good Luck!!!
  13. by   nrsgstudnt89
    Hey, thanks. Good luck to you as well!!!!!