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Quiet1 has 10 years experience and specializes in PICU.

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  1. Quiet1

    RN-MSN program at Aspen University

    Hey out there! I have just started at Aspen, too (Module 4 of class #1). So far it is everything I expected. Glad to meet you!
  2. Quiet1

    Cost of UC

    UC's website is sometimes hard to navigate. If you go to the "OneStop" page or navigate there through prospective student, you can find the info you are looking for. Make sure you look at graduate costs. As far as financial aid goes, they set a budget for the year that includes tuition and supplies as well as a sum for living expenses. It seems as though you then are eligible for a combination of loans to meet that budget. They do have a Graduate Scholarship available that is based on your GRE score. It has ranged from 60-85% of your tuition. They are pretty strict on the budget, though. I have not met anyone who has successfully increased it. Their program is good. Good luck in your endeavors!
  3. You will need a Verizon phone. You will be calling your CRNA the night before clinical and they are all on Verizon. I've been told that they get a bit upset if you use their minutes (if you aren't Verizon, you will)... Some people have gotten together with classmates and gotten a family plan and split the cost. It is a cheap way to get Verizon. Then keep the ATT phone for everyday use. You won't absolutely need Verizon until winter quarter. You could wait and see. Use the ATT phone in the OR and see what it does, then make your decision. Good luck!
  4. Quiet1

    Any University of Cincinnati students here?

    I just realized that I did not answer some of the questions people asked that I do know the answers to. So here goes. I hope what I have to say is helpful. You will get to observe in the OR a couple of times during Fall. Some people participate more than others. This is dependent on you and the RNSA/CRNA you are with. Either way, you learn from the experience. I don't remember how many times you go to observe in Fall, but you will be spending time in the OR on Saturdays and Sundays with your new friends learning the machine inside and out. I suggest doing this a lot! The last week of Fall was mostly in the OR. Winter brings a lot more experience in the OR. Fall is mostly getting you to a point where you can be safe on the OR as a RNSA (RNSA is UC's term for SRNA). Classes are pretty much every day, all day. Anesthesia class will be 8 hours a day for the first three weeks or so, until the college of nursing classes start. It seems like there is a tiny bit of a reprieve at this point. You will get the occasional day off (college holidays), and sometimes your classes will get done early (sometimes even an hour seems like a vacation!). Sometimes you might have a weekday off because you have class on Saturday. Plan on spending a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday in the OR (every weekend is a good plan) learning the machine. The weekend stuff was news to me! The CON classes are once a week, and Assessment has a lab. You will not usually have anesthesia class on these days. This is not always true, but it seems to me that the days were a tiny bit shorter on Assessment and Physio days. Of course things can always change from year to year. You will want to think about study groups. I was never a group study person, but I never would have made it successfully through Fall without my study group! You will have tests every couple of days for a while, and the support you get from your group is incredibly valuable! You may be able to do it alone, but I do suggest giving the group thing a try. I hope I have been helpful. If tyhere are any more questions that I can answer, I will surely try. Happy Day!!
  5. Quiet1

    Any University of Cincinnati students here?

    Hey there! Congrats on being accepted. You WILL NOT regret your decision. UC is an excellent program and you will be very glad you chose this program. The mentor thing is wonderful. You can ask any questions you might have and a student who was in your very shoes not too long ago can answer them, or at least point you in the right direction. I know it seems like there is (or should be) something that you could be doing right now. There probably isn't. Enjoy your family, take time for yourself, and relax. Things do fall into place. When school starts, you will not have much time for things outside of school. Enjoy these things now. You have made a very good choice in your life (though come October you may not still think so). You will make it through, but I can't stress enough the need for you to take extra time now and spend it with those that matter to you. In September, you might not see too much of them. You will be spending A LOT of time with your newly found friends in anesthesia class (and you will find friends!). Happy day to all of you!
  6. Quiet1

    Any outstanding new grad programs?

    Check out Mayo in Rochester. I was a new grad there many years ao and I felt well prepared. It is a good place to work.
  7. Quiet1

    Thinking about CRNA school...

    I am not sure what your experience level is... But here is what I think. Give yourself some time (like a year) to become really good at your ICU job before you decide to or not to go to CRNA school. They say that you don't really feel competent for at least a year. Most people I have talked to have felt this way... Good luck to you!
  8. Quiet1

    Any word from Mayo Program?

    Congratulations to you. I hope you will enjoy the program.
  9. Quiet1

    Univ. of Cincinnati CRNA Fall 2008

    Is there anyone else out there who will be joining the CRNA class at UC that begins in Sept. 2008? I am very interested in meeting my future classmates... Congrats to all who have secured chairs in their selected programs. Well wishes to all out there who are still trying! Happy Holidays!
  10. Quiet1

    Any word from Mayo Program?

    Thanks. I guess that is all I needed to hear. It seems that the rejections came out a week later than the acceptances last year, too. Still waiting... Congrats to you. Alternate is better than rejection.
  11. Quiet1

    Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?

    Congrats to all who have passed since my last check-in, and good luck to all who are studying! Just wondering if anyone has the Gasparis DVD's and would be willing to lend them to a perfect stranger... It is a long shot, but it can't hurt to ask. Thanks!! Quiet1
  12. Quiet1

    oh no !!!! what now?

    You can go onto the AACN website to find all of the accredited programs and then look at each school to figure out the application deadlines. They seem to be all over the board, but it seems as if Fall is when a majority of the deadlines happen. If he chooses a couple of schools now, he can have the GRE scores sent for free (I do not remember how many are sent for free, but I do remember that you have to choose them when you are sitting for the test). It does take approximately 6 weeks for the scores, no matter how they are requested. Good luck to him!
  13. Quiet1

    Mayo Letters

    The mailman brought my letter today! Good luck!
  14. Quiet1

    Mayo Clinic When to Apply

    When I was a new grad, I applied for a job at Mayo in October of my Senior year. I interviewed and was offered a job in October to start the next June. It is NOT too early to apply. We have had several new grads in our ICU, though they have usually (not always) done a capstone or been a Summer III.
  15. Quiet1

    Grad level stats, research, and theory

    Thanks for the info. I had not thought of that particular school.
  16. I worked in business for years before I went to nursing, as well. Good luck in your nursing school endeavors.

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