Layoffs in Overstaffed Twin Cities Hospitals?

  1. I work at a large twin cities area hospital, and was hired over the summer. They are now in a hiring freeze, and I know other hospitals here are as well. There are so many nurses that the MNA and hospital is asking if people want to voluntarily reduce their hours, and there are mandatory and staffing LOAs right and left. The current census is nowhere near what is was predicted to be when I was hired. I am one of the newest nurses at my hospital, and am concerned about job security!! How protected am I by the union? My worry is that if the current measures being taken to reduce the number of staff don't work, that layoffs are going to happen. And since I at the bottom of the seniority list, that I would be one of the first to go. Is anyone else going through the same thing at their facility? Is this a valid concern? Or am I overreacting?
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  3. by   noc4senuf
    SAM1998, I am at one of St Paul's LTC's. We are also being affected by the low census. Our contacts are saying that layoffs are happening in most of the hospitals in the Twin Cities. I spoke to a chaplain from United last week and she said they are having meetings with their nurses as to what their rights are and how the cutbacks are going to unfold. She also had her position cut. The economy is affecting us all.

    We are hearing that whole wings at hospitals are being closed for lack of patients. I myself have a hiring freeze even though i have open positions since our census is down too.
  4. by   Grateful4Blessings
    What is happening in the Twin Cities and our country is extremely serious. North Memorial Hospital is projected by its internal staff to announce a lay off next week on 11-21-08(other hospitals have already started lay offs.) All nursing personnel in all Twin Cities Hospitals hired within the past two years should anticipate lay-off and/or reduction in hours. You should have a minimum of 6 months food and medication stored. The union will not be able to protect you because of the extreme financial conditions effecting our economy, their very limited power, and the health care industry crisis. Unfortunately corrupt Wall Streeters, Stock Markets, Lending Institutions and the Auto industry will benefit financially from the 750 billion bail out long before healthcare. Be prepared for the worst - hope for the best.
  5. by   sam1998
    Wow, thanks for the info. The hospital I work at is taking the measures they can to help with staffing, I can only hope that they help the situation. Grateful4Blessings, may I ask if you are a nurse, or have another role at a hospital here in the Twin Cities? Is North laying off RNs, or other positions?
  6. by   johnniejolly
    It has been reported that north memorial will be announcing 250 layoffs on December 1. This includes all departments, including nursing.
  7. by   sam1998
    Yikes! 250 is a lot. I hope none of my friends who got jobs there are affected. Thanksgiving is my holiday this year, and I got a mandatory LOA for tonight, which I figured would happen anyways. No double time stinks, but at least I still have a job. I fear for the upcoming grads in December and May...
  8. by   RNentrepreneur
    Why are the hospital census so low? It isn't as if people don't get sick or get in accidents when the economy is down. Does any one know what is causing the census to drop?
  9. by   noc4senuf
    The most recent "news" that i heard this past week is they are holding them longer in ER and not putting them to the floors.
  10. by   mom2cka
    The elective surgeries are getting put off, as well. Also - people are less willing to go to the clinic appointments and even the ER, so once again, the average pt that comes through may be sicker than we've seen in the past, when they come in just for an absolute emergency.
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    Here's some spot of good news:

    Mayo Clinic will actually be giving employees raises!
  13. by   Pooksmom1996
    My hairdresser has a daughter who works as an RN at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis. I heard today that Fairview has cut her hours back from 40 hours/week to 32hours/week. I was not able to find out how many nurses were cut back or what nursing areas are involved. The daughter is a staff R.N.-her mother did not know what type of unit she works on.

    Hopefully things will turn around soon-

  14. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    Quote from RNentrepreneur
    Why are the hospital census so low? It isn't as if people don't get sick or get in accidents when the economy is down. Does any one know what is causing the census to drop?
    Consider also that health insurance sucks, and many people just flat out don't have it, so they're deterred from getting the help they need. And of course it's like dominoes: lose job--> lose bennies/income-->no health bennies/income=no money for help.

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