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RNentrepreneur specializes in home care, catastrophic case mgmt.

I am a nurse case manager and executive director of the Nurse Entrepreneur Network.

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  1. Any entreprenurial nurses out there?

    You need to be as specific an you can about what you would sell, what the specific benefits would be to your potential customers, what would they be willing to pay for your training, and where would you find your target market? Starting part time is ...
  2. How do you do this ?

    There is a wealth of information that can be found on the internet. Start by doing Google searches using the key words you think someone would use to find the product/idea. Don't forget to also search blogs. You will also want to contact potential cu...
  3. RN Having Their Own Clinic - What Types of Specialties

    I think the assumption is that without being able to bill insurance payors a nurse entrepreneur would have an uphill struggle. In the current economic climate a nurse entrepreneur would have a very steep uphill battle. A well thought out business pla...
  4. Resp. tasks VS. Nursing tasks

    If you think the waits to get into nursing school are insane then plan to be a nursing instructor. There are not enough nurses interested in and with enough education to be instructors. You can help the nursing shortage by committing yourself to beco...
  5. former business majors? switch out of nursing?

    Let's brainstorm what types of self employment someone with a background in accounting and nursing could start. Of course, one would want to determine the need and ability for people to pay before starting such a business. How about the following: me...
  6. former business majors? switch out of nursing?

    Have any of you thought about starting your own busienss as a nurse entrepreneur? There are options to corporate America.
  7. How to do skilled visits independently and bill Medicare

    It is my understanding that you must be a certified agency to bill Medicare for skilled nursing visits. Nurse practitioners can obtain a provider number and bill Medicare. However, I do not think that an RN can obtain a provider number. To bill for s...
  8. How to do skilled visits independently and bill Medicare

    To find information on becoming a Medicare certified agency you can go to http://www.cms.hhs.gov/CertificationandComplianc/06_HHAs.asp. You will find some of the information you will need such as some of the forms you will need to complete, who must ...
  9. Keep this forum alive: Be an entrepreneur

    I don't think there is a clear definition of a nurse coach. I would think this could be a nurse who coaches other nurses. A nurse coach could also be someone who does lifestyle coaching, wellness coaching, nutrition coaching, or a variety of other sp...
  10. Keep this forum alive: Be an entrepreneur

    There are many ways to be independent in your nursing career. Here are just a few titles that nurses have choosen to pursue: cosmetic nurse specialists, nurse acupuncturists, nurse attorneys, nurse care managers, nurse case managers, independent cont...
  11. Starting a Nursing Agency

    I think you may actually be wondering about a factoring service. A payroll service determines how much tax you need to withhold from paychecks and files your monthly, quarterly and yearly tax submissions. A payroll company sends your taxes to your st...
  12. Attention all discharge planners. I need an honest opinion

    If you dislike doing a lot of paperwork be sure to ask about this during your interview. Perhaps some of the previous responders could also comment on the paperwork involved in DCP. I think there is also a great deal of paperwork in this position. As...
  13. Any companies allowing home based UR or TCM?

    Corvel in Minnesota also has home based telephonic case managers. I would think that many of their offices would have these positions. You can also do a search on google for telephonic case managers. Contact the companies that come up in the search t...
  14. Keep this forum alive: Be an entrepreneur

    If you are too nervous to go out on your own try being an intrapreneur first. Intrapreneuring involves starting a division or product line within your current work environment. You won't benefit as much monetarily as if you were a nurse entrepreneur ...
  15. Will economy hurt business?

    Offer a complimentary coaching session to people you know. At the end of the coaching session ask them if they found it to be beneficial and if they would like to contract for further coaching.