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  1. Hello-
    I am attending an accelerated BSN program starting in the fall. Right now I have been waiting tables part time for some cash, but I will be quitting in the next couple of weeks. Ideally, I'd like to work part-time as a lab tech to get my foot in the door, but I have not started nursing school nor do I have my CNA. I've contacted the VA about their tech positions and if a CNA is really needed, but other than that I have no idea if any hospitals are still hiring externs. Any hospital employees know of any programs in their hospitals that hire student nurses?

    I am also thinking about ACR Homes and just volunteering. Anything that might get my foot in the door. What do you guys think?
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  3. by   casi
    Honestly with no CNA and just starting in program, there isn't a lot you can get into. Most hospitals can afford to be picky when hiring nursing assistants/techs because there are tons out there looking for jobs. They tend to pick aides with experience.

    You could try group homes. I've never worked in one and I don't know what kind of experience they want, but I've heard that a lot of group home residents can need very complex cares. It could potentially give you good experience with hoyers, medications, straight caths, maybe injections, and handling behavors.

    Honestly I would stick with waiting tables for now. I know a few people who in nursing school quit their CNA jobs to wait tables because they could bring in more money an hour.
  4. by   colch438
    It is true that the hospitals will not hire you if you do not have your CNA. Wait until you have completed at least one clinical rotation and apply to hospitals that you will want to work as a nurse (potentially). I just graduated from an out of state school and it took me four months of nonstop applications to get a job! It would be much easier to at least have a casual job somewhere as a CNA once you are qualified!
  5. by   kissthesky
    To work in a hospital you must be CNA certified. I am a CNA and the few hospitals I looked at require at least one clinical in your nursing school before they will hire, but not sure if all hospitals are that way.
    Before I was a CNA I worked at ACR homes. That was a great company, they hire with no experience and have homes all over the cities to fit your schedule. Also they have a hiring bonus. Good luck.
  6. by   smurfynursey
    not sure if you are interested in peds...and it is obviously too late for this now...but I worked at special needs camps in school and learned alot! Also its tons of fun...and you get paid for doing crafts, ect.
  7. by   debi49
    There are tons of group homes in the twin cities. They are usually flexible in their scheduling and would give you a job in health care. As you go thru school, opportunities will arise that you can take advantage of.....internships, summer jobs etc.

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