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  1. Hi, I am graduating in May and am absolutely dying to work at Abbott. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any info about what it's like to work there, applying and any other helpful info. Thanks!
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    I don't know about Abbot but if you are interested in Rehab the VA which is all of 5 miles aaway from ANW is also a great hospital.
  4. by   lalalalexi
    The VA is is probably my #2 choice after you work there? If so, tell me about it. I would love to work rehab.
  5. by   HM2VikingRN
    Great place to work. They have a really good CLC unit as well as state of the art Rehab and SCI units.

    I am in the mental health section so I don't know as much about the rehab side. Google MPLS VAMC and click on nursing career center.
  6. by   bridge15
    Quote from lalalalexi
    Hi, I am graduating in May and am absolutely dying to work at Abbott. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any info about what it's like to work there, applying and any other helpful info. Thanks!

    Hey, I did my senior synthesis in the Cardiac ICU at Abbott, it was a great hospital to work in and I was also hoping to possibly get a job there after doing my synthesis there (I graduated in December) but they are only hiring internal new grads.....

    I recently talked to my preceptor there, and she said the union was trying to force abbott to open new positions (because they are short staffed) but their reluctant. She said she hopes something will open up this spring. My advice to you, is if possible, while still in school apply for a dietary or aid position, so that when you graduate you could apply internally

    Good luck with your last semester, I passed boards last month and have been on the job hunt ever since.... the metro area is brutal for new grads, I'm interviewing at Mayo clinic Florida next week, so we'll see how that goes
  7. by   CNL2B
    I applied to Abbott in 2004 when I moved back to the state of MN as an experienced ICU RN. I had two interviews there but they didn't hire me and had several openings in both the departments I interviewed in. I am Bachelor's degreed and specialty certified. That was few-month's point in time when jobs were hard to come by, but I still think I was as qualified or more qualified then some of the candidates they looked at. I didn't get it. I got a job at another local hospital (a better job!) and am actually happy I am not there.

    The local gossip on Abbott is that it is hard to get in there, and the nurses there are extremely competitive backstabbers. I realize that is a huge statement given the size of Abbott and the number of nurses that must work there -- I am largely making a statement on what people perceive as the culture of the institution/workplace and not making a statement about any individual I have met that works there (and I know one or two.) I interviewed with an assistant manager that seemed defensive (intimidated by me, perhaps?) and am happy I didn't end up working for him. The person I interviewed with in the float pool seemed like she didn't have her s@#$ together and probably lost my contact info and I chose not to follow up seeing that I got another offer. If you want in there, make sure you actually get up to the ward/unit and get a feel for the workplace environment, because I'm not sure it's all that nice.
  8. by   PMFB-RN
    I interviewed there in April for an ICU float job. It was very relaxed and the nurse manager told me at the end of the interview that I could expect an official job offer. She was right. I was offered the job the next day. I turned it down as I had also interviewed at the VAMC just down the road and they offered me a better ICU job with the exact schedule I was looking for. Several of my friends who worked there prior to attending CRNA school told me they did not like as the ICU nurses had so little autonomy. No personal experience with it though.
    I started work for the VA in May and am still on orientation. So far I really like it, even though it is a huge step down in level of patient acuity for me and they are of course not a trauma center (my first love).