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I am not sure if I am even posting this correctly.

I am a military spouse and am confused on what state my license needs to be in. 
my husband is a Florida resident, we met while he was stationed in South Carolina (where I am from and where I became a nurse), and we are now stationed in Virginia. I know I can file my taxes with his state of residency but I guess I am confused what the boards of nursing would consider my primary state of residence to be if I haven't changed anything else from South Carolina. 
anyone have any advice? 
I can only find information as if the military couple met and were from the same states to begin with. 

side note: I have tried calling all 3 boards of nursing and no one answers the phone ? Florida's board of nursing is a whole robot 

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Where is your legal state of address?

Are you working for the VA or another government entity?

Rose_Queen said:

Where is your legal state of address?

Are you working for the VA or another government entity?

I am working for a civilian hospital. Besides for tax purposes with Florida, I've kept my drivers license and my compact nurse license etc SC because I've been told I'm not required to update that. So I'm guessing I'm still South Carolina with my parents address from where I lived before moving. But I'm not sure if filing with my husband under Florida would make me a primary resident there. I feel like there's a lot of info missing from those regulations. 

The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) allows you to declare your husband's state of legal residence as your own.  If you are filing taxes through Florida, I am uncertain whether you should maintain your driver's license and multi-state compact license through South Carolina.  

You might consider scheduling an appointment at the legal services center on your husband's base.  They should be able to explain your options under the MSRRA.

Best wishes.

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You have several issues to consider regarding your nursing license:

1. Tax filing location

2. South Carolina Drivers license

3, Military nurses and spouses guidelines.

A compact nursing license requires one to maintain a primary state of residence (PSOR) in state compact license issued.


PSOR is the state where you can prove you legally reside. PSOR follows these guidelines:

It is the state from which you have your driver's license, voter registration card and state declared on your federal tax filing.

It does not pertain to home or property ownership.

There can only be one PSOR.

Primary State of Residence (PSOR) & Moving


When relocating PSOR to another compact state, it is the nurse's
responsibility to apply for licensure by endorsement. This should be completed within 60 days of relocation. You must have a license in the state where you reside. Proof of residency such as a current driver's license may be required. The nurse may practice on the former home state license only UNTIL the multistate license in the new PSOR is issued. Upon issuance of a new multistate license, the former license will be deactivated.

Military Nurses & Military Spouses FAQ

Federal, Veterans Administration, Military and Indian Health Services nurses are exempt from licensure in the state of practice when they hold an active nurse license in any state. However, this exemption does not apply when a nurse is practicing in a civilian facility in a nonfederal role. In this case, the nurse will need to hold appropriate licensure in the state of practice.


Although federal supremacy exempts a nurse from
holding a license in the state of practice when they hold
an active nurse license in any state, this pertains to a
single state license. If a nurse in this category wishes
to hold a multistate license, the nurse must have legal
residency in an NLC state. Such nurses may utilize military form 2058 as proof of legal residency. This residency
requirement only pertains to the multistate license and
not to the single state license.

Virginia is a compact state.  So interpreting the regs/ FAQ above, you need to decide on legal state residency. As Military spouse in civilian hospital, need to have legal residency in an NCL state.    If filing joint taxes in Florida, best to endorse compact license to FLorida + get FL drivers license meeting Nurse Compact Licensure requirements.   If you file taxes seperately in SC.  could continue with SC compact nursing license.  A tax attorney advisor may provide info on what is best financially in your situation then make decision on nursing license.

Hope this is helpful.

Here is the NCSBN (National Council Of The State Boards Of Nursing) information video on this subject:



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