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Mid Clinical evaluation

Aamaa Aamaa (New) New

I had my clinical evaluation today.My instructor told me I am doing good but little quiet.what bothered me is she asked ,Do you think you are in right career after halfway of clinical? Any suggestion is it negative review?


Hi! I don't think it is a negative review. Bc you are quiet and nursing involves a lot of talking to patients, families, doctors, and other staff she just wants to make sure this is what you are comfortable doing. If you are, then just look at it as something you need to improve on. At least she mentioned it so now you know where to improve. If you know nursing is your passion and what you want to do, then go for it!!

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As Jonesel said I don't think it is negative either. I also think the question about "is this right for you" was more to see your introspection rather than a suggestion. Keep going along. Quiet nurses are appreciated as much as anyone else, perhaps more :)


I would have to hear the tone of voice to have an opinion. Why not go back and ask her?