Rapid Response?

  1. Hey, guys!
    Im interested in doing rapid response, but it's hard to find info on this area of nursing. I have a shadow date, but I am interested in hearing your pros and cons.

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  3. by   /username
    Some hospitals have this as a dedicated role, however, most places have it structured to be a nurse from another unit (possibly part of the code team, maybe one of the ICU charge nurses, etc...)
  4. by   Pheebz777
    As long as you have strong critical thinking skills and well versed in ACLS, you should be fine. In most hospitals I've worked, it's usually the ICU charge nurse who is also the RRT nurse. There have been times when there would be multiple RRTs occurring at the same time, or a Code Blue happening on top of an RRT in the building and usually another strong ICU nurse would attend to those other RRTs. Many PROs, can't think of any Cons. It's basically "troubleshooting" and facilitating in providing the appropriate care/transfer.
  5. by   TinkerBellaRN
    Thanks for your input!
  6. by   Lennonninja
    I work as rapid response when I was in the ICU. It was a separate role, but the ICU charge nurse was the back up rapid if there was more than one happening at once. I also worked as ICU charge. I absolutely LOVED this role! I enjoyed a lot of autonomy and bringing education to the nurses when working with their patients. The downside - everyone in the hospital (it felt like) would call rapid for IVs, even if they hadn't even tried a single time. Lab even started calling rapid to do lab sticks instead of sending a phlebotomist at times. This was really annoying.
  7. by   AceOfHearts<3
    A nurse in my ICU is assigned as the rapid response nurse and the code blue nurse. It's a nurse that starts the day with only 1 patient and will take the new patient if they come to ICU. If they respond and the patient comes to the ICU another nurse who is open for an admission then takes over as the RR/code blue nurse. One of the nurses from the other ICU also responds, but the patients pretty much always come to my ICU if they are transferred to a higher level of care. I enjoy it when I'm assigned the role.