Opportunity to Jump to CNA in ICU

  1. Hi, folks. Presently a CNA in Med-Surg. Been there for three months -- the extent of my working experience in healthcare. Previously was a volunteer in the ED. Will start Nursing I of my ADN Program in September. This is another career change / downsizing situation.

    Yesterday was offered the option to go to our ICU. This is one of the departments I believe I'd be interested to working in upon graduation.

    Guess I'm your typical non-traditional nursing student: married, older, with kids out-of-the-house, and lots of experience in other industries -- engineering, utilities, and legal / regulatory. But have always known that eventually I'd be getting into the medical field. Have a bachelor's in engineering and a master's in administration. Read constantly. Love learning new things.

    Will be interviewing for the spot in the coming days. Any and all of your suggestions / impressions are appreciated.
    How do I maximize this opportunity? Anything special I should do to prepare? If the job comes through, how to improve my chances for success there?

    Thanks much!
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    :hatparty: Congratulations! I would say "Go for it" I think it's great that you will get a chance to work in the unit you prefer.
  4. by   suzanne4
    I would definitely go for it. As far as preparing for it? There is nothing to do, just be yourself and tell them why you would be interested in working there. It will be a great learning experience for you. Just keep your eyes open every day for seeing and hearing about new things.

    Good luck...Let us know how you do!
  5. by   Dinith88
    It's no big deal. If you've been an aid in MedSurg, you'll do fine in ICU as you'll be doing just about the same stuff. You'll have a better chance than most at getting hired because you'll soon be a nursing student....helps out alot.