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Another curiousity question... do nurses in your MICUs get paid a higher salary than nurses with the same number of years of experience on the floors? for instance, two nurses.. both have 4 years of... Read More

  1. by   WillsRN
    In Raleigh NC and areawide,it doesn't matter
    where you work or how much training you have.
    They feed all the hogs out of the same trough and the same slop. Even flight nurses
    make the same as a med/surg nurse. Does
    anyone have the suspicion that the same people who are increasing our legal acountability, increasing our workload and
    at the same time holding our salary down,
    all work as hospital administraitors (pun
    intended) and insurance executives????
    Maybe that should be a whole 'nother topic?
  2. by   shee1a
    I have checked out 4 hospitals in my area and none of them offer a diff for Critical care nurses. At the first hospital I worked at I did recieve .25 an hour for my BSN however. So now we know what those two extra years of school were worth. (he he)
  3. by   walkaway
    I work at a 200 bed hospital where you get a raise for 5 years and then you are top of pay scale and then a yearly cost of living raise is decided on each year and in the past 11 years there were two years when the hospital did not give a raise because the budget was so poor. There is no pay for BSN or for any credntialling crtifications. They do have a really small differential of 13cents per hour for telemetry and critical care units. The strange part is even if an un trained nurse is pulled to telemetry she will get paid the small differential inspite of the fact that a trained nurse has to cover her and treat her patients for her. GO figure!
  4. by   Tara
    The floor nurses and the unit nurses in our facillity have the same pay scale. No extra for extras. However, these nurses work under the director of nurses. The nurses who work under different departments such as cath labs, radiology etc are under different directors and have a differnt pay scale they get higher wages however, this does come at a cost. ON CALL and work until the procedures are done etc.
  5. by   ICU-RN
    in wisconsin (milwaukee area) there are some hospitals that offer an icu differential the one I got was 1.75 per hour. however the hospital I'm now employed with doesn't offer any xtra pay for icu/acls/or ccrn


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