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Another curiousity question... do nurses in your MICUs get paid a higher salary than nurses with the same number of years of experience on the floors? for instance, two nurses.. both have 4 years of experience.. one works in MICU for 3 of the 4 years.. the other works on the floor for 4 of 4 years.. given equal ratings on their performance evaluations will they both make the same amount of money? Do your units pay a differential for advanced certifications like CCRN? Do your units pay a differential for ACLS training?

Please include you state when responding.. i'm in Oklahoma.. Oklahoma city and there is no difference in pay between floor and ICU.. there is no difference in pay for advanced certifications like CCRN or training like ACLS.. it's strictly on years of experience and performance appraisal..

look forward to hearing your responses!


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The nurses in our ICU and ER,along with the supervisors, get 35 cents/hr for ACLS. No extra for cert. I'm the afternoon shift nursing supervisor at a 95 bed hospital in Illinois.


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I am from West Virginia and at our hospital there is no difference for certification or for specialty units, it is based on senority only, all nurses in the hospital are the same.


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I'm a nurse from Canada{British Columbia}. Nurses here make the same amount of money, based on seniority.There are no increased wages for certification. Nurses make the same whether they work on the floor, or in critical care.Our maximum pay stops at a six year ceiling, and we are all unionized nurses.{Within acute care}.


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I'm from AZ. In our ICU, nurses get a $1/hr diff. for required competencies to work in this area. At our sister hospital, an extra 50cents/hr is given for caring for open-heart pts.


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I am in TN. Our critical care nurses make the same rate as floor nurses. We have no diffs for ACLS or CCRN.


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The hopsital I work for in Columbus, OH has no differential for working critical care, but they have $.50/hr diff for having CCRN....nothing for ACLS.


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In our unit, I think we make have a one-step higher pay grade, but seniority really dictates the salaries. As you know, nurses don't make too much more when they retire than the day they started as compared to other professions. ACLS is a requirement in our unit, CCRN is nice but unfortunately goes uncompensated, both for exam and certification. We get a few dollars reimbursed for ACLS, but most of it is our own expense, even though it's required. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we got paid for what we really do!!! I have a better chance of winning the lottery!! Carol




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My hospital is in Missouri. We do get at

least one dollar an hour more an hour as an ICU differential. Some of our nurse make more than that, the more certifications the more money. I feel the ICU RN has more responsibilities in direct pt care and more

liability. I received more training to become

a critical care RN after being a floor RN.

All the nurses are encouraged to get more training and advance themselves at our facility. If you ask any of our MD's the ICU RN's are the best in our hospital.


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In our little hospital in Northwest Georgia, we do not get critical care pay differential. We are compensated for certifications up to four with and extra $.25 per hour per cert. This includes ACLS. ACLS recert is done inhouse and paid for by the hospital. The fee for taking CCRN is reimbursed upon successful completion. Pay scale is based on seniority up to 20 years and then you are red circled. Being red circled means you don't get a merit raise and cost of living raises are at half what the rest of the staff gets.


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I work for a 300+ bed hospital in North Central West Virginia. Our critical areas receive a dollar extra an hour but nothing for any certifications or their renewals, this includes ACLS and CCRN. However, the hospital does provide recertifications for BLS and ACLS for free to their associates. All nurses are given an annual % (usually about 3%) increase in wage, the increase is based on the associates base pay.

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I work in a 356 bed not-for-profit hospital

in the southwestern part of Indiana. I thought we were one of the few hospitals

around who didn't pay a differential for

ICU nurses. My first year of practice, I

lived in a small rural Virginia area and

that small hospital paid their ICU nurses

a $2.00 Hr. diff. It only makes sense to me.

We are the only unit that is floated to ALL

parts of the hospital. The floor nurses can't

float to ICU. We are required to be ACLS

certified, know and keep up with all the

technical equipment and know-how to assist

in insertion, know all the new meds, their

actions and side-effects, yet we are treated

like it is nothing special. No wonder there's a shortage of critical care nurses!!

float t

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