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  1. My facility is working towards Magnet Hospital status. I know that one of the magnet application criteria is that the facility must demonstrate that there is autonomy. Administration is looking at having different departments wear different colored u...
  2. considering career in hospice

    I have been an ICU nurse for 21 years. I am currently orienting to Hospice and after only 1 week, I don't know why I waited so long to make the change. I have been contemplating this change for over 2 years now. I was so discouraged with keeping pati...
  3. How much do you make?

    1. Charge RN days 2. ICU 3. 25 years experience 4. Arizona 5. $28.68 (that includes getting 3 levels on a clinical ladder and 7% diff for Charge position)
  4. Pros and cons of closed unit

    I am seeking help from anyone who has experience working in a closed unit. Our ICU staff is very dissatisfied floating to the Telemetry floor that is always losing staff. I am specifically looking for the good points and the bad points of having this...
  5. Obstacles to providing care

    Acting as many different roles deters from patient care (cleaning, looking for equipment, monitoring tools required by administration, screening patient needs for other disciplines such as dietary, physical therapy). Family members can take up so muc...
  6. I have been with the same organization for over 20 years. I make $27/hr and am maxed out. There is no incentive for retained good employees to stay. I look at the new grads starting at $15-$16/hr and wonder how as a profession are we so undervalued. ...
  7. Staffing in the ICU

    Our ICU is looking into becoming a closed unit. We are tired of the staffing office deciding what to do with our staff (i.e. floating, staying home). Does anyone have knowledge of working in a closed unit and what are the pros and cons?
  8. Critical Care Staffing Patterns

    Our hospital would not allow that kind of staffing pattern. Even if we have only 1 patient in our ICU, we would have 2 RN's. This decision was recommended by our corporate legal advice. I suggest your manager look into weighing the options of cutting...
  9. I just found this subject. I live in Arizona. I have never had to work under such dangerous, unsafe conditions in my nursing career. Med-surg nurses are taking 7-8 pts with no ancillary help, Telemetry takes 5-6, ICU takes 3 often times 2 vent pts, P...
  10. Management wake up!!!

    I am fortunate to say that our nurse managers are just as frustrated as the staff regarding working conditions. We do have managements support to close beds when we don't have enough staff. Unfortunately the hospital administrators don't have a clue....

    In my facility and our sister hospital, it is written into policy that any pt on a balloon pump is a 1:1. Why would a facility put itself in a position for possible litigation due to endangering the pt's life instead of paying the salary dollars need...
  12. Charge Nurses

    I am 1 of 4 Charge nurses in our ICU/CCU. We receive a 7% diff. for taking the position. We of course have staff act as Relief Charge when we are not there and they receive 50 cents/hr extra. We are not supposed to take patients, but in the 10 years ...
  13. MICU Wages

    I'm from AZ. In our ICU, nurses get a $1/hr diff. for required competencies to work in this area. At our sister hospital, an extra 50cents/hr is given for caring for open-heart pts.