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  1. 24/40 question

    The hospital that I work at, is thinking about offering 24/40 to help cover the weekends. Nurse manager states these people don't work holidays unless they fall on the weekends. Is this how your employer does it? What about the rest of us? Will we en...
  2. Codes: LifePak 12

    We also use the Lifepak 12's. They are positioned on the top of the crash carts and the whole thing is rolled to a code. The only time they are removed, is for transporting a patient, then they ride along on the cart. They are definitely heavy and cu...
  3. Leaving Management

    Know exactly what you mean! After 11 years in supervision, I moved to the ER at the end of November. I just couldn't take another winter of too many patients and never enough help to go around. I actually like to go to work now! I'd forgotten how muc...
  4. Getting into L&D

    NICU or postpartum may help you get a step closer to L&D. You might consider taking the NALS course. Have any friends working in OB? A good word from co-workers never hurt. Make sure you let the managers know how interested you are and check back...
  5. staffing in icu

    icu.nurse, we staff the same way you do. We have a six bed unit, with 6 telemetry units to watch. As long as the one patient is stable when they do staffing, there is one RN. If unstable, then 2.
  6. Certifications required?

    Work in a 125 bed rural hospital. ER sees approximately 40 pts/day. Just curious what other hospitals of similar size require RNs to be certified in. I've worked in the ER prn for many years and I'm thinking about taking a position there that just op...
  7. discouraged

    Sheila, hang in there! One failed test doesn't mean you can't be a good nurse. I think most of us met many bumps in the road along the way in our training. Take a deep breathe, put that test behind you and move on! And remember, we do care how you're...
  8. Nursing Resource/Float Pools

    Yes, our hospital has a float pool of nurses and nurses' aides. They are used on the medical, surgical-cancer, skilled nursing and pediatrics units and occasionally in ICU. One suggestion I would offer is to keep their schedule separate from the floo...
  9. footprinting newborns

    Hi Raizie! At our hospital, newborns are footprinted and 2 ID bands are applied in the DR/BR.
  10. nursing student needs help.......

    Cacie, You might want to post this request under the ob/gyn forum and ellaborate a little more on what you'd like to know.
  11. labor nurse circulating for C-sections

    Glad, at our hospital, the surgery dept comes for the c-section and they do the circulating. We are there to receive the baby and like you, we care for mom pre and post op.
  12. Walking Change of Tour Rounds

    We tried a walking rounds report several years ago with little success. It just simply took too long! The medical floor at our hospital which sounds very similar to yours, now does a written report. Nurses make short notes on each pt., with all perti...
  13. breastfeeding

    Peg, Not exactly sure what you are looking for but this site may be helpful: http://www.childbirth.org/
  14. Blood Transfusions

    Our bld transfusion policy states that blood must be checked in the patient's room by 2 nurses. A full set of vitals are done before, 15 minutes into, and post transfusion. RNs are the only ones allowed to hang blood at our facility. I work at a 95 b...
  15. MICU Wages

    The nurses in our ICU and ER,along with the supervisors, get 35 cents/hr for ACLS. No extra for cert. I'm the afternoon shift nursing supervisor at a 95 bed hospital in Illinois.