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  1. WillsRN

    British nurse in u.s.a

    Georgiana, If you study a good NCLEX review before you take the boards that will help, also we have one week review courses that will almost certainly get you through board exams. The visa may be a problem if you don't have a work sponsor. I woul...
  2. WillsRN

    new grad RN's in the ER

    There's probably a good argument to be made either way but I still hold that if your goal is in one particular area you should focus on that solely. Whats wrong with a new grad starting a surgery or icu or any other specialty internship?
  3. WillsRN

    refusing to care for clients

    Sharon.. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh so I apologize in advance to you and those like you. You sound like a thoughtful,skilled, compassionate nurse who has had a very laudable career and are now paying a very high price for all your dedication. Its j...
  4. WillsRN

    refusing to care for clients

    You can quote all the theories you want and they are just that, theories, peoples unproven ideas. If you are a health care provider you are required by law to provide reasonable care to any one in need regardless of your personal beliefs, religion, c...
  5. WillsRN

    new grad RN's in the ER

    Jenny, I tried to reply thru email but the postcard on this site don't work, so you can email me at WillsRN@yahoo.co.uk
  6. WillsRN

    Interesting Flight stories

    Who has some interesting flight nurse stories to tell? Finish the paragraph in your own words; " We were on our way to........"
  7. WillsRN

    flight nursing in the air force?

    Why don't you email some active duty folks at their training center in San Antonio TX? Just search under Aerospace Medicine or USAF Flight Nurse.
  8. WillsRN

    MICU Wages

    In Raleigh NC and areawide,it doesn't matter where you work or how much training you have. They feed all the hogs out of the same trough and the same slop. Even flight nurses make the same as a med/surg nurse. Does anyone have the suspicion that the...
  9. WillsRN

    Contract pricing

    Any flight nurses willing to share info on what you charge for per diem flights? My fee for USA flights is 250 per day plus expenses and international 300. Is that too low? Addendum: I didn't realize that discussing prices we should charge for our se...
  10. WillsRN

    International Escort Flights

    Yeah, it happens almost every international flight. Funny thing is most of the time doctors will not identify themselves as such and let you do all the dirty work. Last summer I had a critical but stable patient aboard an Olympic Air flight going to ...
  11. WillsRN

    Flight nurses

    Well, the way it was explained to me at university was that nurses had to identify a scientificly measurable process to base their work on in order to be considered 'professional' and that became the "nursing process". What we have in reality is a lo...
  12. WillsRN

    Flight nurses

    The first thing I think nursing in the 90's and beyond needs is to unload thatwhole"nursing process" garbage they stress in grad school. I see it as devisive between nurses and other professionals. They (others) see it as a bunch of prima donnas tryi...
  13. WillsRN

    new grad RN's in the ER

    My opinion is that you should learn to weather the flak you get in the ED and keep learning and not let anyone deter you from your goal. Its reasonable to go from new grad to ER if you want. You can go from new grad to any other specialty everywhere ...