embarrassing moments

  1. This may sound like a strange request but I would like to hear funny or serious stories about your embarrassing moments at work.
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  3. by   my2sons
    My co-worker was assessing a lady who he thought was gorked and he let out a loud, disgusting fart in her room. The "gorked" patient opened her eyes and said, "Well, I hope you feel better, dear."
  4. by   emmycRN
    Your co-worker, really? Just kidding!!
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]comatose patient, with an ng tube and a long list of meds to be pushed down the ng. ng tube was a little sluggish, so i was working really hard to get the tylenol dose (bright cherry red) down the tube. i'm pushing and pushing and suddenly the whole 60cc syringe full of red stuff sprayed all over me, the patient and the wall just as my nm came around the corner with a posee of vips. as if that wasn't bad enough, the "comatose" patient picked that moment to wake up, and with a beautific smile reach for my left breast and proclaim "big uns!"
  6. by   Hoozdo
    Actually, I have done this a couple of times. Have gone to help coworker start an IV on a new admit when the pt is a really tough stick. I throw back the sheet to look at the feet.........only to find that the pt is a double amputee.:spin:
  7. by   KLeigh
    I think I have a pretty good one....This happened when I was a new grad, working on a med/surg unit. I had just finished everything I needed to do in my (totally alert, oriented, and awake) patient's room, when I noticed that her foley cath bag was full. So, I emptied the foley, and moved along....

    A few minutes later, that patient rang her call light. "Something's making a weird noise in here", she said. When I entered the room, she asked if I heard "that dripping noise". Uh-oh! :imbar After I'd emptied her foley, I had forgotten to clasp the tubing, and there was urine dripping onto the floor! I felt awful (not to mention completely idiotic!). That was over five years ago, but it still always sticks out in my memory as one of my most embarrassing nursing moments.