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  1. Hello everyone:
    I have been a Telemetry/Med-Surg RN for a little over two years. Recently, I received a glowing yearly evaluation and was offered the opportunity to bid on an open SICU position (7p-7a). The hospital where I work is large, urban Level I Trauma ED, etc..I've been told that the SICU there has a lot of post-trauma patients, which has piqued my interest, as I would like to advance my career. So here are my questions:

    *If you are a current SICU/former med-surg RN, how difficult was the transition?

    *What is the best advice you would give to someone who is just entering critical care?

    Any other info, suggestions would be helpful..thanks!
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  3. by   Raquel8
    I started as a med-surg nurse briefly before SICU. I LOVE SICU, but in my eyes, the two are completely different. Critical Care is a comprehensive in depth care of patient with multiple system issues. I love the balance and honestly how sick patients can get. Its a challenge and allows me to constantly think on a large and small scale in regards to my patient care. I feel as well you are more of team player of the MD level, they look at you more as a colleague. Which they should look at floor nurses like that as well but they don't. Or at least not my experiences. I say go for it, if you have good time management and can balance multiple issues. Let me know how it goes for you.
  4. by   silentRN
    I went from med-surg to STICU. The transition takes time. You feel like you are a new grad all over again because you have to learn how to think like an ICU nurse and not a floor nurse. You also have to learn how to work with residents closely that aren't any good in the critical care until the next batch rotates through. Alot of the residents seem like they hate critical care. The ones that rotate through are either surgery, ER, or anastasia residents. We are there day in and day out, while they are there for only a month or so, so it can get frustrating when you know something needs to be ordered and they don't do it.

    But overall, I feel way better with nursing being in the ICU thN I ever did working on the floor. If I were you, I would take the job. There are some exciting times and and times when you will leave work feeling fulfilled. The buck stops in the ICU, and when you've successfully resuscitate a crashing patent, it's a very good feeling. And that high never gets old.
  5. by   diprifan
    I went from the floor to MICU at a Level I trauma center. I would have to agree with what everyone is saying. They are completely different animals. I do like the fact that the MD's treat you more like human beings. Definitely go for it. I don't regret moving units. It is very fast paced, and you get to understand patho a little better in my opinion.
  6. by   MLMRN1120
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement and advice! I put my bid in for the job, and am looking forward to moving to another level in my career...Can't wait
  7. by   Caffeine_IV
    Good luck! I went from medical floor to a MSICU and I'm enjoying it. I have LOTS to learn though. It's really exciting though because the things that used to "scare" me..I am gaining confidence with them and actually KNOW some stuff.
  8. by   soapaddictOH
    I'm leaving ER after 9 years and going to SICU. Nervous but really excited as well.