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soapaddictOH has 10 years experience and specializes in BICU, ER, SICU.

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  1. soapaddictOH

    Vent: Why I won't accompany my mother to the ER anymore

    My dad has been in the hospital a lot recently, and tells EVERYONE I am a nurse. I usually just sit back and watch everything going on, I don't say a word. I hate the nurse family members that act like they know everything, and comment about how things are being done "differently than at their hospital." I had a patient this week that had a foley in for an US, and her sister kept going on and on about catheters, and she would rather put them in than clean up ****, and blahblahblah... Guess what? She's a nursing student!
  2. To the patient who has been in the ER weekly for "overdosing" on pills.... next time don't call a squad. To the patient who is drug seeking and lying about it... "Oh you were here 3 days ago and got a prescription for Vicodin from one of the other ER docs? Guess what!!! We can look up your record online, it's called an OARRS report!" "No, it's not a Teckmus shot. You aren't allergic to Sulfur. The medicine that starts with 'D...di...de...' is called Dilaudid. I'm making damn sure the doctor doesn't order it for your toothache you have had for 2 months." I'm pretending like Sodium Chloride is a new wonder drug, and I'm calling it Nackle and giving it to you as a big bolus while I tell you that it's stronger than Dilaudid.
  3. soapaddictOH

    Humor: You Might be an ER Nurse

    You have ever been coding a patient and the family member of the patient next door walks over with an empty cup and says, " Excuse me, but Stella needs some more water."
  4. soapaddictOH

    Number of patients you care for?

    When I work in ER 3-4 and sometimes 1-2 hallway patients. When I work in SICU 1-2.
  5. I left ER and went to SICU recently. I also don't think a glucose of 212 is something to freak out about. I am still stuck in the ER mindset of blood pressures. I hate calling the floors and giving report- God forbid the patient has a blood pressure of 179/85. "Was the blood pressure addressed?" No. "That patient needs to be medicated for his blood pressure before he comes to the floor." Really? The nurses/docs are like that in the unit too. I have written up other nurses a handful of times in 10 years. Sending a patient to surgery with a K+ drip on straight tubing running wide open was one of the write ups.
  6. soapaddictOH

    Bolus dose of bupivacaine via brachial plexus block

    I worked in holding and would assist with all kinds of blocks. I gave the boluses with anesthesia standing right there watching. Most of the time it's anesthesia securing the catheter, I have the bupivicaine in hand already from injecting during the procedure. Same with femoral blocks.
  7. soapaddictOH

    PACU-ISMS...what are some of yall's?

    None of those things happen in the PACU I worked at. Nurses will avoid patients rolling out from OR. If I had a stable patient, even though 1/2 hour VS weren't done yet I would take a 2nd patient. It was a big deal for a lot of the nurses to have more than one patient, the drama about it would last for a week. That's part of why I left PACU!
  8. soapaddictOH

    Tolerance wearing thin in Triage,Help!

    I can only tolerate triage in minute doses. I hate being screamed at..."Someone could die out here before they get taken care of!" while I'm holding pressure on an arterial bleed, trying to manuver the wheelchair to the back with my other hand and left big toe. "Okay, ma'am, what are you here for?" "A toothache." Puhhhlease!! I'm sure I managed an eye roll that was too obvious. I get in trouble in triage too much. I don't like it. I used to get stuck there every weekend because I did a 9a-9p shift. I would do 9-3 in triage and then come to the back and get stuck in code for 6 hours. :scrm:
  9. soapaddictOH

    New to Er...Feeling a little incompetent

    I would give yourself at least 6 months to a year to be really comfortable in the ER. I worked ER full time for 3 years and then left for PACU. I went back to ER prn and while I'm okay with protocols and meds, just getting back into the groove of the pace is taking me some time. I really want to go back full time, I didn't realize how much I missed ER until I left. I'm in the burn unit now and I like it, but it's not ER.. I don't feel at home!
  10. soapaddictOH

    Nicknames you give patients?

    We have one we call "Puss in Boots," she comes in frequently for abdominal pain and discharge and requests pelvic exams.
  11. soapaddictOH

    Last Name on ID Badges

    The hospital I work at gives us an option if we want our last name or our last initial. I have my last initial only.
  12. soapaddictOH

    My patient today...

    Definitely fluid overload. He was pretty much drowning in his own secretions. It was horrible.
  13. soapaddictOH

    My patient today...

    He only weighed 44kg. He got the fluid over 16 hours. He wound up having a weight gain of 26 pounds. I was told the aggressive fluids were because the docs weren't sure of his DNR status and hadn't talked to the family about their wishes for his treatment. His code status was changed to DNR-CC , he was placed on a morphine drip and within 30 minutes of starting that he passed.
  14. soapaddictOH

    My patient today...

    Well, last night because I work nights. He is 94 and came in with a 34.5% flame burn. Fluid recuscitation was pretty much nil pre-hospital. Medical history of HTN, pacer, cataracts and hiatal hernia. Nothing significant,at least for his age, the only med he takes is Cozaar. By the time I left this AM at 7 he had had 15 liters of fluid. Urine output from 3 pm yesterday was 156cc's. Docs wanted to keep giving him the fluid as long as his O2 sat stayed above 92. Which is did. He had started coughing around 5AM. No crackles, lung sounds dim though. He is a DNRCC-A. Thoughts? This was our chief, the main head honcho, who wanted the fluids given.
  15. soapaddictOH

    We can't go on divert!

    Our ER never diverts either. We're the only hospital in our county that doesn't.
  16. soapaddictOH

    Moving on......

    Best of luck to you in your new career! Maureen

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