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Microbiology help

by astate2009 astate2009 (New) New

i want to be a nurse but this subject is so hard for that i feel like crying. i even asked my teacher for help and he says go the book but the book was not even a requirement. i left feeling really bad but i decided im not going to give up. I was wondering if there were any study guide or websites i could go to and study. also if anyone has any information on how to study and what i can do to better in the class. at least to sum up what microbiology is about to start. please help me!!

Kuriin, BSN, RN

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A microbiology book is not a requirement? Wow. News to me! Make a dichotomy chart and put your bacteria in the chart. It will aid you. For things like diseases and other illnesses, they are straight up memorization. Try and think of real life situations for them.

okay, do you know of any websites that i could try. i am using quizzlet as i speak, and its seems good so far.

Does your school have a science tutoring center or something where you can ask for help? If not, maybe ask your professor if there are any A students who may be willing to do some tutoring.

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, astate2009:

What specific parts of microbiology are giving you trouble?

Thank you.

Try quizlet! It really helps

I would definitely suggest purchasing the text book. Maybe see if you can find it on amazon, possibly as an ebook, so that you can get the cheapest price. Amazon even lets you rent. Micro is a subject that I could not imagine doing well in without the book. I would also suggest a tutor. Good luck to you hon! Even if you don't pass it this time around, I encourage you to take it again. You'll get it :)

She believed she could, so she did.

I loved micro but I also spent a lot of time on it. I took tons of notes in class, then i went home and wrote it down on the power points and read through them everyday. When the test was coming up I rewrote all of my power points out again and went over them like crazy.

My teacher tested solely off of his power points and stories to go along with what he was teaching. I never once needed the book BUT the study guide saved me in the lab section

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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As suggested above, you really need the text book to study. Take advantage of any tutoring or supplemental instruction offered by your school.

On youtube look up Dr. Mandy Parker! She has great great greatttt Microbiology lectures! And please read the book!

I would look at her videos when I was tired of listening to my teacher's lecture. She is wonderful and funny.

HelloWish, ADN, BSN

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Reading will help you learn the material, so I would suggest getting the book and then look at the learning objectives and answering them based on the book info and lecture info.