Michigan State vs. University of Michigan?


I have been accepted into both Michigan State and the University of Michigan's accelerated nursing program. I feel very luck and grateful to be able to finally fallow my dream after so many obstacles and rejection letters. Now I am faced with a very tough decision and was hoping some people may have some advice on where to go.

If I go to State I will be able to start in May and it is a 14 month program. I am attending State now and wanted to do nursing sense I got here but never got accepted into the traditional program. So I am familiar with the area and the campus.

If I got to Michigan I will start a 12 month program in August. I will have to take biochemistry during the summer, which is my big hurdle. I did not do well in either my undergrad biology or chemistry course. However, my boyfriend of 6 yeas is at Michigan's dental school. When I finish either program I hope to head to Ann Arbor and look for a job because he will still have 2 years left. Do you think going to Michigan would be beneficial in latter trying to find a job?

Any suggestions, opinions, or advice of any sort would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

I would definetly go to U of M! no offense to MSU, but U of M academically is far greater. I know 3 people who are in Med school there and if I'm not mistaken it is ranked 2 in the nation as the best research hospital. On top of that you do all your clinicals at the U of M hospital...which has an outstanding program/reputation! Go for it...and besides your boyfriend is there and you are planning to move there anyways...Also don't stress the biochem....if you've made it this far, I'm sure you will do great! Good luck in whatever it is you choose!

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Hi Cassie,

Well I am clearly biased, and don't know too much about MSUs program. But about the biochem thing. Sweetie, just the fact that MSU doesn't require it concerns me. You need the background you'll get in that course. There is plenty of help - tutoring- in fact, I know the perfect person to tutor you through the course. she's a grad student at UM, working on her PhD in biochem, and she's a wonderful teacher. Not very expensive. You could see her once or twice per week, and you will get through the course just fine.

You're in!! The accelerated group at UM is treated very well - they keep telling us we're the group everyone wants to works with.

By the way, UM School of Nursing - in the top 5 in the nation!

Best to you, Cassie, and congratulations again. There really is something to the reputation of UM and the University of Michigan Hospitals.


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The hook up with the tutor sounds great. The only thing is UofM does not offer the biochem course during the summer. I know State does offer it, but I also know some people who are taking it now at LCC.

I have been looking at their web page, but find it a little confusing. Do you know how much UofM’s program costs? Do you do all of your clinicals there or are you traveling?

Thank you so much for all of your help the last few months, it has really been appreciated!


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I would definitely go to U of M, without any questions! Their program is ranked one of the top in the United States! As far as cost, when I was looking into U of M and MSU their costs were pretty much the same. The difference isn't enough to be a factor. I am currently waiting to hear back from U of M too. My application has been in since the begining of September, so I hope to hear from them soon! What was your degree in? How were your grades and such? Obviously well if you got into both! That's amazing! I really want to get in! I'm just nervous I'm not gonna get in. Well, CONGRATS!!!


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First good luck to you! Thank you for the reply. I actually tried to go to State for the last three years, but could not get into the traditional program. My grades actually were not super great, however for the last 4 semesters before I applied I had increased by GPA each time. My GPA when I applied was a 3.4. I will have a B.S in Psychology in May.

I know the waiting game is crazy and they are taking a really long time. My application was complete on August 25th. I hope you hear some good news soon!

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Hi Cassie,

total cost @ UM for 12 months - that includes Fall 09, Winter 10, Spring 10, Summer 10 - about 23-24,000.

You can take the biochem course elsewhere, and still work with Kim. Oakland U. offers it - I actually took it there. You can even take it online at OU, but you must attend for midterm and final exams. Wherever you plan to take it, sign up NOW for the school you'll attend, because the classes fill up fast. Like in 1 day after registration opens. I actually stayed up past midnight to register for the chem class, and it was filled by about 5 am. Lots of people need it for nursing. Take a look at the schools that UM will accept the course from and choose from those. All that info is on the second degree section at the UM site.

Regarding clinical sites: Some people go to St, Joe's in Ann Arbor, a few have gone to Foote Hospital in Jackson, but most of us are at UM hospital. You sign up for where you want to be. Some people come from Jackson, so that's convenient for them. Oh, and for labor and delivery, a few went to Providence in Southfield, but that's what they signed up for. I did my first med-surg at St. Joe, my L&D at UM, and I'm doing my critical med-surg at UM. Next, I'm doing ICU at UM. We also have a few outpatient experiences to participate in: I worked in Pediatric ER at UM a few weeks ago, and we have a geriatric course (1 day) in Chelsea, but we go together in groups of 7 or 8, so we carpool. So, all in all -not too much traveling, unless you really want to.

PM me if you ahve any questions.

Regards, susan


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Hey there!

I just got the phone call today and I am in for MSU!!!! Thanks for the support Paris! I'm still on the wait list for U of M so we'll see if I hear back from them otherwise I'm going to MSU!

I attended State's program. This is definately a more difficult program to get into than U of M. They sometimes have over 500 applicants for about 50 seats. Thats harder to get into than MED SCHOOL! I felt that it gave me an excellent nursing education. The staff and faculty are awesome people, and you have the opportunity to do clinicals at different hospitals. This may seem like a negative when you are in the program, but you will get a chance to see all of the types of hospitals and also get to know nurse managers on units and receive multiple job offers this way. The quality of nurses produced from MSU's program are great. I think as far as actual practice goes.. MSU, Oakland, and Grand Valleys nurses tend to excel clinically... followed by U of M and Western's nurses. I think this is because you have to fight your way into these programs which makes you work harder once you are in them, and they get to choose the best canidates. The bottom line is... both programs will do the same thing for you... and that is help you to obtain a nursing license. Both programs will help you advance to the same spot in the future. U of M has many programs better than MSU's, but I honnestly believe that MSU has a better nursing program AEB (


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Did you attend the accelerated program or the traditional? Any tips? Thanks!

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The one big problem that I've noticed for MSU students (I'm an EMU student) is that MSU students have to drive FAR for their clinicals. I am doing my preceptorship at Oakwood Main hospital in Dearborn, and one of the other preceptees on the floor has to drive from MSU to Dearborn twice per week!!! It's crazy, it's like an almost 1 hr 45 minute drive!!


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..........................i got accepted by MSU today.............i read the instruction, now i know you are not joking!!!!!!!!!!!!

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