Michigan RN licensure timeframe


I passed the NCLEX RN on 6/9, still dont have a license posted online.

Can anyone from MI shed some light on when they received their license after passing?

i called the board who said they haven't received my results from PV. I call PV and they say they sent them on the 11th. Pretty frustrating since I am on a timeframe here as I have a job starting soon


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My license showed up 30 hours after I took the test. I took it back in may. However, my friend took it 3 weeks ago. His license was posted almost 2 weeks after.


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Thanks. I have 2 classmates who took it last week on Wednesday and had licenses within 2 days. I took it Tuesday the 9th and still waiting. Makes me feel like they lost my file or something.


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Apparently, there is only one person who sits somewhere in Lansing and is responsible for manually entering all the data in LARA database, among other things.

I found it out in summer 2013 when there was a significant delay in posting new licensed RNs affecting me and some of my classmates. Something happened with this worker right at the time when Spring/Summer new grads were taking and passing NCLEX en masse, with resulting delays up to couple of weeks.