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Is there anyone else on here who is waiting for a response from WCCCD's nursing department? I applied June 30, and am going slightly crazy waiting for my acceptance/denial e-mail! Let's get to know... Read More

  1. by   Me2006
    Im not surprised at all
  2. by   BarbellOnly
    Thanks darien for the heads up. I hate to say it but I'm definitely discouraged and scared lol. And I don't know how I couldn't be since everyone in the program that has experience never say anything positive. I work very well when I'm nervous, so I have that to look forward to lol. I took patho and got an A, which I thought was a much harder class than micro. My best method has always been checking myself with critical thinking Qs at the end of the chap. If I drew a blank then I had to go back and read again. Only when I can speak from my mind on a question or describe a process without reference then I know I have a chance. Patho conditioned my brain to the point that the information practically became romanticized in my mind. When you say micro x10 I believe you and I can handle that as crazy as it sounds. But when you give the impression that its hard because the teachers are disorganized and egotistical then thats what scares me the most because I won't be able to control that. Good luck though and I hope everything works out for you. You got through one semester so at least you know you can hang.
  3. by   darien
    Your work ethic going into the program is excellent. Unlike me, I relied on sheer memorizing talent! but it so far has gottten me barely making it. However, this program is making me be more like you, more organized and thinking like a nurse. I never studied that hard a day in my life and it's starting to catch up to me. Dont get me wrong, this program is doable, but me personally, I feel they require to much from a student nurse, and they dont test you enough on the things that you are going to be doing in the hospital. For instance, the first 7.5 your in the lab, with surgical dummies, maybe 2 of those weeks you're actually in the lab the rest you're in lecture, then, if you pass all the coursework required, you go to the hospital with real human lives in your hands and they expect you to know these things as though you've been a nurse for 3 yrs. You have nothing to worry about, you have what it takes to finnish this program, get through all of the B.S and you're fine. Dont mind me though im just venting a little, I had a 3.9, now it's shot to hell, and I dont know weather to be upset at myself or this program ( the way it's run) oh! and your dean is a "pistol" avoid her if you can.
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  4. by   Wen902
    I'm discouraged and scared too. Being disorganized isn't a surprise because the entire school is that way. I wonder if other programs are just as hard but better because they are more organized and have better Professors. I talked to someone that just graduated and she said get into a different program if possible but has never said why. I'm trying to apply in June but I'm really confused about what to do.
  5. by   darien
    Dont let your goal of becomming a nurse be distracted by hear say. What is not working for me may work for you. Apply to wcccd anyway, there is know waiting list, and cousin got in with the bare minimum. like 70 pts. They never taken people that low. The cut off for my group was 80pts. But apply to ever school you can. I heard Henry Ford and OCC has excellent programs but the wait is ridiculous, like 3 yrs
  6. by   blindian
    Any one get the ace email?
  7. by   Wen902
    Thanks darien. While I am scared and discouraged I am going to do it. Also thanks for the advice on the test success book. I actually ordered an older version right before Christmas so I will study that and I will search to see if I can find old text books at a good price to get a head start on it. Good luck!
  8. by   darien
    your welcome.
  9. by   I no u c me
    Quote from blindian
    Any one get the ace email?
    Not yet
  10. by   darien
    you'll do ace atound the 2nd or third week of class. make sure you guys got the 50$. You will not be permitted to do your clinical rorations with out it.
  11. by   blindian
    Well they told us that we would get an email around the holidays and we had to have it set up before school starts. I guess that's not happening... Does anyone know if we are to get a white jacket with our uniforms?. Also I'm registered for pod 6 and med math on Fri at 8 all at the northwest campus anyone with me?
  12. by   Keeka_Prenurse13
    Quote from Me2006
    Just follow this to help you!


    Med Math and Nutrition must be completed by Semester 1
    Patho must be completed by Semester 2
    Lifespan and Sociology must be completed by Semester 3
    English2 and American Govt must be completed by Semester 4

    You can take majority of these classes online since they are offered that way you wont have to worry about going to the campus and online you can work on you own pace.
    Plus the summer semester is an excellent time to try and play "catch up" and take what ever you need and get it out of the way.
    Is HSC 100 in that majority that I can take online? *prays*
  13. by   MrsClarkRN
    You cannot take hsc 100 online. It's a 7 1/2 week class though