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  1. I am taking micro in about two weeks at the downriver campus, my question is if anyone knows if they allow you to share books/ lab manuals. The book is $210, if I can get away with sharing with my cousin- that would be great. Also do they do their lab reports out of the lab manual or does the professor do their own reports- any advice or info on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   MySimplePlan
    Can you email the prof?

    Sometimes the biology teachers there like to use their own notes all the way through. $210!! Whew....yeah, I'd be trying to find an alternate method, too.
  4. by   miMOMMYof3
    Mysimpleplan- thanks.
    I am having trouble finding an email address, WCCCD website is not organized like HFCC. Or may be its just so difficult because im a guest student. I might have to wait till class starts.

    Any WCCCD students? Advice please!
  5. by   sweetjean143
    Hello. Who are you taking for Micro? I took it at the downriver campus with Stacey Olson. I didn't purchase the book, just the Lab manual. The notes that she gave in class were very sufficient for what was on the exams. I have shared books in science classes and done well. I got a b in micro, but I was going through a very difficult time and taking a full load of classes. Best of luck.
  6. by   Syncere
    if you're taking to with d. meyers, you don't need the lab manual. i took it with her last summer and we didn't even use it. she passed out handouts. with her, you probably could get away with sharing the lecture book, but i'm not sure for other teachers. maybe you could try amazon. i got the international version and it was only $80. good luck!
  7. by   Justforus
    Hi, I just finished micro with D. Meyers, the lab manual you wouldnt need, but the book I def. needed, she gives notes during class, but she also goes out of the book that you have to read at home. so sharing with someone I doubt would be a problem. She also used the CD A LOT. which you can get at the bookstore for free. the microbes in motion CD. But then again seems to me that she likes to change things up A LOT. I was in her evening class, and her day class was different. Good luck!!! Oh, and if you do have her, I have her email addy if u want it, I can PM it to you, she responds VEry quickly.
  8. by   miMOMMYof3
    Thanks everyone for your advice. But I'm taking L. Smith so if any one out there who has had her any info would be appriecated...
  9. by   MIKelly
    I would shop around for your text. Ebay, Amazon, etc. Do a search on your book title (and edition) and see what sellers pop up. Anyone who pays full price for textbooks is silly!
  10. by   oms1208
    Like the person said before email or contact your prof.
    When I took micro my friend and I split the cost of the lab manual and just made copies at home.
  11. by   timinchrist
    If you have L. Smith, you'll be able to share your books. Micro is a very demanding subject and you'll find that you will spend much time in the textbook. Her lectures aren't the greatest. The lab text you can share with another and copy the pages you may need. I took the class last fall and came out of it with a B and I studied much.
  12. by   AuntNana
    Quote from MIKelly
    I would shop around for your text. Ebay, Amazon, etc. Do a search on your book title (and edition) and see what sellers pop up. Anyone who pays full price for textbooks is silly!

    I highly agree. If you go to cheapesttextbooks.com, it will list texts from the cheapest to the highest, both used & new, from various sites. Just make sure you read the "extra remarks" because some will not come with the CD (Classmates can help you there) or it might say "heavy highlighting", etc. And buy early. Books are cheaper when there is less demand.
    Good luck!