wcccd med/surg 2 question

  1. I was just wondering if anyone has the reading list for med/surg 2.
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  3. by   Do-over
    Cardiac, cardiovascular/shock, and respiratory, in that order.
  4. by   CR727
    Was MS 2 about the same level of difficulty as MS1?
  5. by   ladycj
    Med/Surg 2 is a lot harder than med surg 1, at least for me. But if you can start reading during Winter break and start doing some NcLex questions you will do better.
  6. by   ladycj
    First chapters are 36-38 41 I think. I dont want to judge but our class did do better then classes before and that might because the GPA was so high in our group I think 3.75 was the cut off. The GPA was never that high and that might be the reason why some groups dont do as well as others. Tests are not like other teachers and they are not knowledge based but application type questions so you have to change they way you learn the material. Flash card are not going to help in this class.
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  7. by   christinann
    Thanks I will make sure that i study ahead of time. Well sounds like your a success story from her class. So, there is some hope lol Thanks for the heads up about her also. How do you know what book to study out of?
  8. by   ladycj
    There is hope I think 35 out of 46 made it out last time so people make it out. Really when it comes to Cardiac and the rest of the chapters it really does not matter what book you read because of how she words the questions Brunners is easier to read than Iggy for some people thats all. Like I said earlier it is not knowledge based questions so what book does not matter it is just what would you do if this happened. So in general it would be like, what would you do if someone B/P is to high or to low this answer does not change depending on what book you read. So the book is not important in this class.
  9. by   christinann
    ahh I c. Well I will be ready because of you. Thank you soo much. for giving me those chapters and informing me about the teacher. People say similar things about my teacher's tests. Right now I am doing pretty good. All I care about is passing .. lol Sure I would love an A but it really doesn't matter. that is not bad odds to make it through her class. She is my mentor and she never returns my emails or my phone calls. lol. I don't really need her yet but I thought it would be nice to know who she is lol.
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  10. by   #1Nurss2care
    I am laughing right now because the person you want to leave I had her years ago when I was in Nursing school and she was.....let's just say not very welcoming. It is sad to here that after all these years she is the same way. For your sake I hope that she leaves too!
  11. by   christinann
    lol, i hope so. That is so crazy. I really don't understand why any school would let someone teach if they are this bad. Last semester she grabbed a girls arm. I am so irritated with wcccd. 90% of my med surg1 class is failing . They really should have everything standardized so we can be all on the same level when we progress to the next level. It shouldn't be that teachers try to play the role of god, or try to make themselves feel better about life by ruining other peoples dreams and futures. ugh, sorry about my ranting....
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  12. by   CR727
    IF ANYONE CAN GIVE US ANY POINTERS, TIPS, anything you can remember at ALL - on the fluid and electrolytes or the final for Med Surg 1 (if you had M.S. or not) we can use all of the help we can get. He's failing the grand majority of our class right now and the class morale is in the dumpster.

    Thanks for your advice if you have any!
  13. by   sirI
    gentle tos reminder:

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