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    I'm new to all-nurses. I wanted to see if anyone had gotten early acceptance into the CD2 program at Wayne State. I got in and wanted to see who else did. What is your background, etc. Also, does anyone else who is currently in this program or recently graduate have any advice/info? Thanks!!
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  3. by   SC ANP
    Not an early acceptance, but a graduate. Did you have some questions?
  4. by   JazzyOneRN
    I did not know that they did early acceptance for the CD2...I called and asked and Office of Student Affairs told me that they didnt. My application says COMPLETE online, but all I know is that I have to wait until June to find out...Hmmm Interesting!
  5. by   WayneStateKatie
    I didn't know they did an early acceptance either I hadn't heard anything about it around the CON...
    Hi christinajoy! I was just thinking about you as I think it was about this time last year I was on here posting like a fiend. I am thinking so many positive thoughts for you and hope you are accepted. I just know you'll love the program. Decisions will probably be up online about june 4th or 5th. You'll have to let me know when you find out!
  6. by   JazzyOneRN
    Hi Wayne State Katie;

    Thank you for thinking sooo many positive thoughts for me I am praying that I do get into the program this year. Im still hearing that they will be accepting 48 students this year, but Im still keeping hope alive...June 4th or 5th is early in June wow....The sooner the better so I will definetely keep you posted. How are classes coming for you?
  7. by   mariasmomma
    Yes, they do. It's interesting that they told you they do not. Early admittance is only for students who took all pre-req's at WSU, and I think the gpa has to be at a certain level (not sure). My application page says "early admit" and they sent me a letter asking for my confirmation, which I sent back. I also was at the CON yesterday and they had a little set of files for all of the CD2 early admits. I've noticed with the CON that they are very stand-offish until you are accepted. i.e. if you want to speak to an advisor, they won't let you until you are accepted, they will just tell you to go to an information meeting. Good luck to you guys though, I hope you get in! I'm pretty excited that I got in.
  8. by   JazzyOneRN
    Ok thats understandable...I didnt take all my pre-req's at Wayne State so that explains it...Mariasmomma, do you know how many students applied to the program this year? I know overall they said they were going to admit 48 students so if im part of the 48 that would be awesome...If not God has a better plan for me and I am ok with that...
  9. by   mariasmomma
    I think at least 100 applicants but I'm not completely sure. I will say a little prayer for you, I hope you get in!! Did you apply to any other schools??
  10. by   INDIGOSKY
    I'm currently in the WSU accelerated program, about to finish my second semester. Its a very difficult and intense program, but with good time management skills and motivation its definitely do-able. Orientation is very informative and will be late June/early July. Most of the professors want students to succeed and are very kind/helpful. Clinical placement is not based on where you live, so you may end up with quite a drive but I have not found it to be too much of a hassle. As far as advice I have to give: when you get access to "Blackboard" in August, print out the syllabus for each class and begin the reading before classes start. It's hard to keep on track with all the reading on top of all the other assignments. You don't have to by a stethoscope from the student nurses association at orientation but they try to push them, research one online and buy it on your own it will save you some $$. Find a high efficiency printer that is reliable, you will be printing copious amounts of notes in addition to careplans and papers. Make friends and form a study group, it really helps! I've enjoyed the program so far but can't wait to be done in December. I think that's about it, if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Congrats and Good luck!
  11. by   mariasmomma
    Thanks so much, that is really great info. My letter from WS said orientation will be either July 7 or 9, so I'll make sure to pay good attention. Which hospitals have you done your clinicals at? Do you have any choice or preference at all or are you just placed somewhere?
  12. by   INDIGOSKY
    I have had clinicals at Henry Ford Hospital and Detroit Receiving, and am scheduled to be at Children's Hospital and St. John on Moross this summer for peds and ob. Other students have been at Beaumont Royal Oak, Henry Ford Macomb, Mount Clemens General, Sinai-Grace and Providence Southfield. Not all of these hospitals are utilized each semester it just depends on the course you are enrolled in and the availability of the facility. We were just placed in to sections of approximately 8 students per clinical instructor. However the College of Nursing does allow students to swap schedules, we have the option to find a fellow student who is willing to switch entire schedules, this is not facilitated by the CON but they approve the switch during a specified time period prior to the start of the semester. This was not really utilized by many students in the first semester, but many did switch for the winter and summer.
  13. by   suitebliss
    Thanks Indigosky, you've answered some of my questions as well.
  14. by   mariasmomma
    Thank you Indigosky!!