UD MERCY - Just got my acceptance letter!!

  1. Hey All!
    I just got an acceptance letter from UD Mercy for the ABSN. SO EXCITED. Does anyone have info/tips? I live in California, so what part of the city should I live in when I move there? Anyone else just get accepted?

    Thanks! ANy info is so appreciated!
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  3. by   wife&mommyRN
    congrats on your acceptance . anywhere in metro detroit would be fine to live, i live west & love it because it seems to be closer to everything, right in the middle. the university isn't located in the best area so i wouldn't suggest staying close to the school. expect @ least a 20 min. drive. best of luck!
  4. by   logique
    If I were you, I would try and live in the Royal Oak area...you are close to all of the highways that way and not too far from UofD.
  5. by   LadyEJ BSN, RN
    Royal Oak, Southfield, Oak Park...
  6. by   777RN
    Congratulations! That's great!

    I, too, am looking at the UDM program. Considering that you're traveling a long distance to attend, what made you choose this program? Also, would you mind sharing a bit about how you plan to finance it? One of my concerns with the program is leaving it with a large amount of debt.

    Sorry, I can't recommend any particular places in the area, as I'm relatively new here. However, I moved here for family reasons unrelated to school.

    Best wishes to you!

  7. by   WLJ2009
    Hi Wendy!
    Well, I am 27 and returning to school. Nursing was always what i wanted to do, I just got sidetracked in my first round at college and ended up doing other things. When I decided to go for nursing again, I got a list of schools with accelerated bachelor programs, and researched as many as I could. Turned out I met the requirements for at least 10 schools that had application deadlines this fall. So, I just sent about 7 apps out to schools where I met the requirments. Im single, dont have kids, and am at this point where i know nursing is what I want to do with my life, so moving across the country is a small thing to me. Also, I hear UD Mercy is a good school.
    I plan on financing it with student loans. The debt does seem scary, but to me, it seems so worth it knowing I will finally be an RN. I am always hearing stories about it being so hard getting in to nursing school, and now that I am in... I am so excited, I dont mind moving!

    WHen do you plan on applying and what other schools are you considering?
  8. by   777RN
    Hi again!

    I'm considering the following programs (in no particular order): University of Michigan ABSN, UDM ABSN, Oakland University (OU) ABSN, and Oakland Community College (OCC) accelerated ADN. I'm also interested in the University of Toledo direct-entry master's, but I really want to finish as quickly as possible, so that program may not be right for me, as it's two years in length.

    This semester I will finish all the prereqs for OCC and any other community college programs that I might later consider. I'll need one more semester to finish the prereqs for the ABSN programs. So, I hope to start a program next May, in the case of UDM, OU, or OCC; the UMich and UT programs start in the fall.

    When do you plan to start the UDM program?

    Thanks for replying!

  9. by   WLJ2009
    Sounds like you have good options! I also have an interview at Georgetown this month... which would be my first choice. But UD Mercy sounds awesome too, so I won't be too disappointed if I don't get into Georgetown. I'm just excited that I can finally start my education and become a nurse... As I find out more info on UDM I will keep u updated!
  10. by   777RN
    Good luck to you at Georgetown! That would be awesome!

    As for me, a move is not in the cards at this time. I will have to stay within the southeastern Michigan area for now. After I become an RN, though, anything is possible for future/graduate studies.


  11. by   RN1982
    Congrats. I got accepted to their RN-BSN program starting in the Winter semester. I can't wait.
  12. by   jkb1999
    When do you start the program?? I am hoping to get acceptance there for May 2010.
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  14. by   WLJ2009
    hi jkb1999!

    well... i got my acceptance letter and it said i had 30 days to send in my deposit to secure my spot. so i contacted admissions, and they said i should send in my deposit right away because they only take 60 students... which basically means after you get acceptance, its like first come first serve but it does not say that in the letter... so i waited about a two weeks.. and lo and behold 60 people sent in their deposits.. but, i still placed my deposit and now i am an alternate for january (i think i am second on the list).. but i have a guaranteed spot for may 2010 if worse comes to worse. admissions said that it is very likely that some of those first 60 students will have to drop out of their secured spots, so it should not be a problem to get in for january 2010, but my worst case scenario is may. so if ud mercy if your first choice, make sure you send in your deposit as soon as you get your acceptance letter... the deposit is 500.. so make sure you have it set aside would be my advice! i am from california so starting in may would be kind of nice so i can prepare to move, maybe save a little money and just have more time to move across the country... so maybe i will be seeing you in may!! we shall see! all i can say is, getting into a nursing school is a dream come true and i am so excited!